Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 21

There’s a chemical spill outside Halawa Prison, which means that the inmates all have to be evacuated and relocated (?), and one of the transportation vehicles is blown up by an IED (?). But six prisoners escape: a handful of the most appalling convicts in Hawaii, and our old friend Adam Noshimuri, who can now add jailbreaking to his not-insignificant rap sheet. Of course the show dies its customary bet-hedging when it comes to the Nosh: he’s a good guy, he was forced into it by Gabriel, etc. But once again bad things just happen around Noshimuri-san. It’s almost as if being Yakuza and a killer leads to bad karma; lie down with dogs and get up with fleas, Adam, you feel me?

So while Adam and his new best friends – including a cannibal, a serial rapist, and returning special guest torch Jason Duclair – go on the run, with Kono, of course, involved in tracking down her fugitive killer husband, the Five-0 discovers that another convict who was in the vehicle which was blown up, one James Hamasaki, was actually shot after the explosion. A few leaps of logic later Jerry concludes that he was killed by someone who thought he was Adam. The problem is that as Adam has plenty of enemies, having managed to piss off both Team Yakuza and Team Waincroft, it’s not easy to work out who might be behind it. And meantime the escaped cannibal is separating his fellow runaways from the group, one by one; then killing them, and using them for tasty snacks.

It’s all utterly ridiculous, of course, but there’s a decently high body count and lots of pointless violence; and, to be honest, this is the sort of nonsense I come to this show looking for, so I’m not going to complain. Still, at least Danny is starting to question the agreed narrative about good-guy Adam.


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