The Good Wife s7 ep 17

All right, so every scene involving Alicia and Jason Crouse was both supremely embarrassing and eye-rollingly annoying – especially that awfulness at the end, ugh – so that knocked out, say, twenty per cent of this ep.

Moving swiftly on before I start throwing things, however, I really liked the case of the week, which started with a poignant sequence following a loving father watching his little girl grow up, before veering off into genuinely shocking, upsetting tragedy and a look at the oft-covered issues of gun control and gun commerce from a fresh, intelligent angle. The story as a whole could have done with more time spent on it, and using it to show Diane clashing with Cary did it something of a disservice, but the combination of an interesting, moving storyline, a guest appearance from the always-welcome Blair Underwood and a joyous return for Denis O’Hare’s tremendous Judge Abernathy meant this was a case I both cared about and enjoyed; not something I can say for every case this season, by any means.

As far as the rest of the ep was concerned, it was fine, if not in any way earth-shattering. Grace’s college admissions story was filler we probably could have done without, but it was perfectly watchable filler, and the Grand Jury stuff was quite entertaining – I did enjoy it, but once again, just like most of this season, it suffered by comparison with previous similar, but infinitely better scenes. Alicia was great in front of the Grand Jury this week, sure, but didn’t come anywhere close to Alicia, Diane and Will being f***ing fantastic in front of the Grand Jury in Another Ham Sandwich. Sigh. Those were the days.


One thought on “The Good Wife s7 ep 17

  1. Jed Bartlet May 22, 2016 / 11:05 pm

    Generally I agree with this. The Case of the Week was interesting and well-handled, if nothing special, although as you say linking it into the ongoing Florrick Agos Lee drama was a mistake. I still don’t care about that, even though Alicia has now been re-integrated into the arc. The college admissions stuff was meh. And I’m now as indifferent to the grand jury as to the firm’s internal conflict – I’ve lost track of what Peter is or isn’t supposed to have done. Maybe that’s the point.

    As for Alicia and Jason – I can’t say whether he’s attractive or not. What I can say, though, is that whatever arrangement Peter and Alicia have they’re still publicly a married couple, so I don’t know what the eff Alicia thinks she’s doing making out (and the rest) with Jason in a crowded bar. It’s not as if she’s unknown either.

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