Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 20

Hawaii Five-0’s long-standing commitment to the ridiculous storyline is something which I, for one, have always loved about the show. And in this episode the writers go for broke with two of them.

In the A-plot the Five-0 is called to a break-in at an apparently nondescript (but James Bond-referencing) export company; much to Jerry’s excitement, because he and his fellow conspiracy theorists believe the company to be a front for all sorts of mysterious activities. And he’s right: during the break-in a prototype of  a tactical suit being developed for the US military was stolen. Made of liquid metal and purportedly without vulnerabilities, each suit is worth $80 million. So who wants a suit like that, and why? Well, we start to get an answer to the second question when, in a moment of presumably unintentional but nonetheless high comedy, the gun-wielding Suit storms into the HPD headquarters, takes a hostage, and clanks off to a nearby car.

Meantime the B-plot is no less eye-popping. Michael and Martellus Bennett are in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl, stuck in a traffic jam, when they see crowds of people running away, followed by a stampeding elephant. Oh yes. And in an apparently unrelated development Jerry’s sister Isabel has dropped in to say “hi” to her brother. But there’s a connection: Isabel is an animal rights crusader who has been involved in a plan to free Brer Elephant from a local circus, stash him in a forest, and thence to an animal sanctuary. For me at least it’s a moment of piquant irony: after years of referring to Mary as “Steve’s dumbo sister”, it’s actually Jerry’s sister who interacts with Dumbo.

So, um, Iron Man and an elephant are on the loose. Anything else? Oh yeah. Kono has discovered that her totally-not-a-gangster husband was visited in prison by Gabriel Wainwright, who offered him a job. Adam says he didn’t accept it. Kono isn’t so sure, presumably because Adam is a convicted killer. That aside, though, this was all just a little too silly to be entertaining.


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