The Good Wife s7 eps 15 & 16


My beloved TGW, now long past its best, continues to limp towards the finish line with a couple of episodes simultaneously smart enough to remind us what a terrific show it can be and has been, and annoying enough to make us relieved for the show’s sake that it’s nearly over. (And to make the idea of a spin-off both baffling and distressing, because I just don’t want to see these characters dragged down any more.)

On the smart side, Ep.15 puts Alicia on a secret government committee convened to decide if the US can execute an ISIS recruiter abroad, while also bringing back TGW icon Elsbeth Tascioni to help Peter out with whatever Peter’s about to be indicted for, and giving her an ex-husband called Mike and an “emotional support chihuahua” called Tom for good measure.

The secret committee stuff is very, very TGW and I thought it was great, but I also would have liked a lot more of it. The Elsbeth stuff is also very TGW but isn’t quite as interesting, if only because, much as I love her, we’ve been here with Elsbeth so many times before that bringing her back yet again feels a bit desperate. Not quite as desperate, however, as the annoying side of things: i.e. whatever the eff is going on between Diane and everyone else at Lockhart Agos Lee, and the Alicia and Jason business which may or may not be trying to make points about Alicia owning her sexuality, or substituting sex for alcohol as an emotional crutch, but either way is so cringe-worthy I want to hide under a cushion and never come out.

At least ep 15 is better than ep 16, though. Alicia and Jason – ugh. (By the way, is Alicia saying Jason’s name instead of Will’s a suggestion that she’s using him to try and replace Will or a more meta acknowledgment that the show is?) Veronica, Owen and Jason – enough already. And whatever the eff is going on between Diane and everyone else at Lockhart Agos Lee – stop it now. (Although you should obviously side with Diane, Alicia, even if I don’t really understand why there need to be any sides at all.) The episode is redeemed, however, if only partially, by the continued presence of Mike and Tom who are far funnier out of Elsbeth’s shadow, and by Eli’s shenanigans with the disabled bathroom, which are genuinely hilarious.


2 thoughts on “The Good Wife s7 eps 15 & 16

  1. Jed Bartlet May 15, 2016 / 12:13 am

    Generally agree with this. In episode 15, much as I love Elsbeth’s shtick it felt a little tired this time, although in fairness I liked Michael, the dog, and Eli’s insistence that it was a support animal. And always a pleasure to see the Alicia fans at the NSA, and their world-weary manager. TGW has always been good at finding more and more ways to deploy their legal characters, and I liked the tribunal, although – and we’ve said this before – I kind of feel that in an earlier season it would have been done better.

    Episode 16 annoyed me right at the start; I’ve never been the biggest fan of Veronica and Owen even when they aren’t being incredibly irritating, as they were here. Alicia should have told them to get the eff out. Although when she opened the door to Eli, Michael, and Tom, there was just a whisper of TGW’s glory days. And the disabled bathroom was great.

    But what in the name of arse is happening at Lockhart Agos and Lee? And why should I care about yet another realignment of the firm? I don’t see where it’s coming from. Of course, in seasons 1-4 I would have known, because we’d have seen the background and the build-up, rather than just being dropped into it. (Incidentally, although Diane can call it what she likes, she very clearly is trying to set up a female partnership at the very least, which means that super-detective Crouse missed it during that two minute investigation he did.)

  2. Snoskred May 15, 2016 / 11:20 am

    I’m so sorry, guys, because I felt like it only got worse from here on. :/

    I won’t say anything more, I want to see your thoughts on it all. I will have a lot to say on the final ep, though.. 🙂

    I will only say, good luck missing out on spoilers for the next few weeks! I’ve seen a lot of articles on the final ep..

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