Blindspot s1 ep 18

“This guy’s either the dumbest genius or the smartest idiot I’ve ever met.”

Heh. “This guy” being the incorrigible, irrepressible Rich Dotcom, who, after his initial glorious debut in ep 9 makes a triumphant return visit this week, albeit with strings attached. “He says he will only talk to you and Jane,” says a frustrated Allie to a highly suspicious Kurt, but it’s too good an offer to resist, so off go our OTP to make a deal with everybody’s favourite bad guy: find and catch a terrorist super-banker (just go with it) and get a prison upgrade to medium-security.

“You know what you just did?” says the delighted Rich. “You just got the band back together.”

Not that the reunion is free of, er, creative differences. Like a large chunk of the viewing audience (including ME), Rich is confused and distressed about the current romantic dynamics – “You two aren’t married in real life? Because you had some serious chemistry back at the Hamptons….” – and not shy about repeatedly pointing this out in magnificent and utterly hilarious fashion to Jane, Stubbles and Lady Tommy Lee Jones herself, which makes me wonder, since the Blindspot writers can be this fantastically, uproariously funny when they want to, why not want to all the time? It’s much more fun than all the recent doom and gloom.

But back to the bonkers plot. In addition to his duties as a walking Internet shipper forum – Team Jeller FTW! – the multi-talented, multi-tasking Rich is there to guide Team Tat through a completely demented but wildly entertaining heist storyline involving breaking into a super-thief’s super-house and stealing already stolen paintings which, amongst other ridiculous but awesome security measures, actually fire bullets at anyone who takes them off the walls without disarming them first. Actually fire bullets…. I love this show so much right now, I could kiss it.

Obviously, because it wouldn’t be Blindspot otherwise, the plan goes a bit wrong, but joyously so, with a wonderfully irate Patterson – “Please don’t call me Patty” – drafted in to supervise the show’s answer to Neal Caffrey as paintings are faked, mission plans are drafted, and all the wrong people volunteer to go undercover with the justifiably incredulous Rich. “You’re the coppest cop that ever lived!” means Allie’s disqualified, and “As who? My cousin Stu from the FBI?” knocks Kurt out of the running as well, which leaves Jane as Rich’s date at the crazy party of the week, thrown by a man who can’t bust a move without breaking out a gold firearm or two. “Stand down, Weller,” murmurs Jane when the Angry Little Munchkin gets antsy at the sound of gunshots, “He’s not shooting at us. He’s…. dancing.”

Of course, because it still wouldn’t be Blindspot otherwise, that part of the plan goes even more joyously wrong – “CODE PHRASE! CODE PHRASE!” – leading to a shoot-out between the FBI, ISI and some other folk of indeterminate initials, a little hand-to-knife combat, and Reade almost forgetting he speaks Urdu. Focus, dude.

The pièce de résistance, however, is the climax on the roof as Rich can’t hold his feelings in any longer. (Not that he actually did hold them in at any other point.) “Jane, listen to me. Life is short – follow your heart! You tell Weller how you feel!” he declares, a heartfelt, poignant speech rendered even more exquisite by the fact that a) he’s about to jump and b) the by-now incensed Allie (“That’s it!”) is ready to push him. I’d have wiped a tear from my eye, except that I was too busy laughing like a lunatic. And then, when the PARACHUTE appeared, laughing even more.

Sociopathic evil genius or not, Rich Dotcom rules and so did this ep. Sure, there’s conspiracy guff going on in the background, Mayfair having picked up where Reade left off re Tree Tat Man and the Tree Tat Plan, and a cruel little sub-plot where Jane uses Weller Snr and the photos Tree Tat gave her to manipulate Kurt – which is completely unnecessary, since you don’t have to be a genius or a master-criminal to see he’s nuts for her anyway – but none of that matters a jot. “One Begets Technique” belongs to super-shipper, super-villain Rich Dotcom and it is TREMENDOUS.


3 thoughts on “Blindspot s1 ep 18

  1. Capt. Harold Dobey May 8, 2016 / 10:00 pm

    You know me. I like a crime. A crime gets solved in 42 minutes. And there’s a B story in there somewhere. I’m not that keen on arcs.

    This is the most ridiculous piece of guff since… erm… look it’s just nonsense.

    Let’s forget about Paterson’s rubbish boyfriend and his rubbish ghost.

    Let’s concentrate on the A story.

    There’s some sort of outfit who know about every bad thing going down in the world and their way of telling the FBI is to let bad stuff happen for the next six months (13 seasons?) on the off-chance that the FBI might figure it out.

    Some bad people are on Pier 43. Here’s a tattoo of someone urianting in the water. He’s a Pee-er and there’s a 41 and a 47 so it must be the prime number between them. Let’s go!

    Nooooooooooooooo. It’s not just an outfit. One of them disagrees with the methods. So he kills them. Or tries to kill them. Well, that’s easier than just telling the FBI what’s going on.

    Oh, Mr Moody Sexy Man… who isn’t the other moody sexy man who got shot… why am I here?

    Oh, not that fit supposedly special forces abducted lady, this was all your plan…


    And don’t start me on the dot com guy.

    • CJ Cregg May 8, 2016 / 10:08 pm

      Heh. Poor Capt. Everything you said is absolutely fair and correct, and I agree with you the show is ridiculous nonsense. But it’s also awesome. Sorry 😆

  2. Jed Bartlet May 9, 2016 / 1:21 pm

    It’s possible there have been better – whatever that means – episodes of Blindspot, but I’m pretty sure this is the one I’ve enjoyed most so far this season.

    Pretty much from the moment that Rich Dotcom appeared I was watching in awe. I loved his quick and accurate dissection of the #Jeller chemistry. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief at the dancing dude with the guns. And I genuLOL’d when Patterson had to be physically restrained from smacking the art restorer guy upside his head.

    As for the inevitable post-mortem: “We searched his belongings for… explosives and computer equipment. We weren’t looking for hidden parachutes”. HEE.

    I also liked the device of taking the Marshal out in the field. As I’ve said more than once I heart her, and if I had a criticism it would be to wonder why she and Patterson have had more impact than Reade and Zapata, who were presumably intended to be the second bananas after Jane and Weller. I don’t think it’s the fault of the actors, so I wonder whether it’s just that their “thing” hasn’t been identified? Whatever. This was amazing.

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