Limitless s1 ep 12

In ‘The Assassination of Eddie Morra’ the Senator isn’t actually assassinated, quite, but only because he’s NZT’d to the brim and is able to take just enough evasive action to ensure that he’s winged rather than killed, with half an eye on his forthcoming Presidential run. Morra’s consigliere Sands then turns up at the FBI, purportedly providing assistance in hunting the shooter.

But when Sands has got Brian on his own, he tells him quite a different story. Morra and Sands already know who the perp is; it’s a disaffected former Morra employee called Piper Baird, who’s on the run having stabbed her boyfriend to death. Sands will take care of her, thanks, so Brian’s job is to ensure that the FBI doesn’t solve the crime, with the additional incentive that were Piper apprehended she’d be able to join the dots between Morra, NZT, and Brian, thus guaranteeing no more anti-side-effects shots. This is trickier than it sounds, mind you: the almost-impossible shot Piper pulled off to hit Morra suggests to Rebecca that the shooter is on NZT as well.

What Brian isn’t anticipating, though, is that Piper will find him first. Nor that she will turn up at his parents’ house claiming to be his new girlfriend. (Nor, frankly, that she’ll be rather attractive, although the undercurrents of mutual attraction remain – mostly – unexplored.) Which means, from the point of view of Sands and Morra, that Brian is ideally placed to kill Piper himself. Brian demurs, of course. “Why”, demands Morra, “are you trying so hard to hold onto the person you were before NZT?” This issue – whether Brian is indeed the same person – is something we’ve grappled with more than once this season already, and as recently as last week.

And so Brian, given that he can’t risk Piper being captured, pushes her under a train and kills her. SPOILER ALERT: no he doesn’t, because he isn’t – yet? – a stone-cold killer, and since I wasn’t fooled for a second I’m a little surprised that Sands was. It’s another immensely clever and satisfying episode, although perhaps not quite as good as last week’s.


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