Blindspot s1 ep 17

Welcome to this week’s instalment of Patterson and Pushy (Deceased), as a plucky young FBI analyst and her not-so-dearly departed partner solve a fiendishly tricky little mystery, with a bit of help from…. yeah, no one.

It’s only in the final furlong, when the time comes to rescue Patterson from the ACTUAL SERIAL KILLER that her idiot boyfriend – continuing to be even more objectionable dead than he was alive – has practically gifted her to, that the rest of Team Tat manage to take a short break from fretting over their complicated love lives to go find their techie friend.

Up to then, this is one week where our intrepid band of field agents’ usual work/life balance has somewhat tipped the other way. Weller is having fun times (Weller! Having fun times!) with the Marshal, both x-rated and family-friendly, although an uncharitable person might point out it’s not long since Jane was the one sitting down to dinner with him en famille. Jane, meanwhile, is busy sharing takeout and bouts of athletic sex with Tree Tat Man while he continues trying to force her to cosy up to another man. (Pushy and Tree Tat Man should get together and write one of those horrific pick-up artist books: 101 Ways to Manipulate Your Women or some such.) And despite his best efforts to dump/ protect Sarah, Reade is still being threatened by some fool with a vocoder and a smartphone.

Team Tat’s preoccupation with their significant/ not-so-significant others therefore means cracking the Tat of the Week is left to Patterson and her ghost boyfriend/ manifestation of her sub-conscious, following a trail of clues left by this asshat, including a 100 year old automaton that he has re-programmed to STAB out the shape of a star system, because nothing says romance like an olde-worlde robot with a weapon.

Inexplicably, the otherwise terrifically bright, wonderful Patterson still can’t see the utter lack of respect this cut-price wannabe Svengali has/ had for her, her job and her personal safety – I say again, the trail leads to an ACTUAL SERIAL KILLER who will ACTUALLY SERIALLY KILL HER, you MORON – and finds him irresistible rather than unspeakable, meaning that, for perhaps the first time, the name “Blindspot” actually seems a propos.

Still, all is not lost. Ashley Johnson is such an engaging screen presence she makes the ep infinitely more entertaining than it should have been, and at least this “mission” gives Patterson a chance to finally work through her pain, even if breaking and entering and fighting off frostbite are all somewhat unconventional methods of grief counselling. And, in fairness to Pushy, he does have one shining moment of not-appallingness right at the end when he a) leaves forever (PLEASE GOD) and b) reminds Patterson that there’s someone else he’s/ she’s/ we’ve always liked: “that Borden guy.” SQUEEEEEEE!


3 thoughts on “Blindspot s1 ep 17

  1. Jed Bartlet May 1, 2016 / 10:48 pm

    I think my reactions to the idiot boyfriend’s behaviour were much the same as yours. To start with: just eff off, weirdo. Next: if you’ve solved one of these tattoos, why not just TELL HER? A scavenger hunt? No wonder Mayfair was desperate to keep you out of the tat discussions; she’d clearly pegged you as a wrong ‘un early doors.

    Then: oh well done, you idiot. Congratu-effing-lations. You’ve led our beloved Patterson into a serial killer’s lair. Romantic fun, eh? Now PISS OFF. Totally agree about Ashley Johnson, mind you, who was so good that she outweighed the remarkable level of irritation her ghost boyf was causing me.

    In other good news, we totally called Patterson and Borden. MONTHS AGO. Like, episode 2. And I’m still #TeamMarshal, even if I know it’s not going anywhere.

  2. Kay20 May 30, 2016 / 6:01 am

    Ah, sensitive psychologist has a name!!! And I now ship them (along with everyone else).

    I didn’t mind Pushy (I know, I watch a different show than the rest of you), but I didn’t love him either, so…shrug. Now he’s gone to leave room for Borden so I can’t complain (they would be the power couple behind the throne right? the duo that makes the office go).

    And I finally found Weller endearing when he was talking to his nephew…the Gall Bladder. They need to give him more moments like those – he tends to be looser around his family and I live for those scenes. Though I was wondering how traumatized his poor nephew was going to be after watching his grandfather collapse.

    Looking forward to Mayfair being badass in coming weeks. And #TeamOscar. 😉

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