Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 18

After steeling herself to tell Chin the truth about her real reason for being on Oahu, Abby must presumably have been wondering exactly why she was getting so worked up. Not only does the Five-0 forgive her, but (a) they offer her a job; and (b) Chin doesn’t seem to be ready to allow a minor issue like betrayal get in the way of regular sex. So with that out of the way the team is ready to investigate the case of two men – one alive, one dead – found in the sea clinging onto a lifebelt. It turns out that they’d escaped from a slave ship which, according to records, was scrapped years ago; and that the dead guy, again according to records, was executed a while back. A ghost ship and a ghost victim is enough to pique Jerry’s interest, but not mine.

Danny’s not involved in this one, though; he has another of the separate plots which – I’m guessing – allow Scott Caan to spend a little more time on the mainland. The writers really need to reach, though, to turn his day out with Grace and Charlie into a shootout between a man with a gun and a man with a bow and arrow. Moreover, Danny seems remarkably cavalier about putting civilians in danger: the passengers on the bus and the hunter dude might usefully raise with Internal Affairs whether this is standard operating procedure. Still, Abby’s seen nothing to concern her in her time with the Five-0, so there we go. A below-par episode.

“Oh, FFS!” Watch: Jerry Alert!


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