The Blacklist s3 ep 17

Mr Solomon has already been in the show quite a lot without being promoted to Blacklister status, but in this episode – the first of a two-parter – he makes the grade. Although to start with it looks as if his involvement in the show going forward will be limited: he’s being transported from one incredibly high-security facility to another, when he’s ordered to leave the vehicle by his guards; he’s going to be killed, and Laurel Hitchen says hi. But somewhat to Solomon’s (amused) surprise he’s sprung by person or persons unknown before he can be shot, and almost immediately he’s part of a plan to steal a tactical nuclear weapon.

Liz and Tom aren’t going to let something like that get in the way of their wedding, though: in fact, they want to get married immediately. This very day. Does anyone, uh, have anything to say about that? OK: form a queue, pls. First up is Ressler, who seems oddly miffed, perhaps a little too late for #Kessler to revive itself. Then it’s Red. Please don’t, Liz. Tom isn’t the man you think he is. “He’s a criminal”. (Pot, kettle, Mr Reddington.) “No”, replies Liz. “He’s changed.” Well, maybe; but he’s visited by Gina and The Major, and one of them will die. Is anyone in favour? Cooper’s down with it, and even prepared to officiate, if he can manage to deal with the whole tactical nuclear weapon thing in a couple of hours. And Aram is all about it: he’s done a playlist for the reception, and he’s been losing weight in order to squeeze himself into a slim-fitting suit, in the hope of impressing Samar… Dude really needs someone to take him aside and tell him to man up.

One of Solomon’s team is captured, and she’s prepared to provide information in return for the usual deal: full immunity, use of the swivel chair during negotiations, and so on. But all is very much not as it seems, and a little too late the Task Force realises that no-one actually cares about the nuke; it’s a distraction. The real target is Liz herself, at this very moment waiting to get married while Solomon and his squad arrive at the venue, and unless “hundreds of bullets” were on Tom and Liz’s wedding list he’s not going to be a welcome guest. Bang, bang, and for that matter bang. However, Liz isn’t to be harmed; Solomon’s to deliver her to his employer, who is in all likelihood the person who saved his life at the start, and is also in all likelihood Liz’s mother. Great stuff.


2 thoughts on “The Blacklist s3 ep 17

  1. CJ Cregg April 30, 2016 / 10:45 pm

    I really want to punch Mr Solomon in his exceptionally smug face. Kudos to Edi Gathegi for basically making him Evil Reddington, if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, yes, I clocked that Ressler reaction as well – as one of about three people on the planet who shipped Kessler, I appreciate the effort, dude, but I think that ship has sunk. Although I did get a bit excited (as did Ressler – there was definitely a quick flicker in his eyes at that point) when Liz said “I love you for that” to him. For a moment, I wondered if there was any hope we might revisit Kessler in the future, but just for a moment. Never mind, Donald. There’ll be someone else out there for you. Although possibly not Samar, because you messed that up royally.

    But back to the episode. Is it me or was it absolutely bizarre that Liz made poor Cooper get ordained online so he could do her wedding? That is sitcom stuff. Took me right out of the story.

    Aram fangirling when he met Tom was hilarious. Aram is ADORBS. But yeah, he needs a good talking-to.

    The church shootout was fantastic. The music and choreography was great. I loved Liz suddenly getting up and waddling along to get the bag. And that moment when the baddie in the door was suddenly shot and fell, revealing Ressler behind him just in the nick of time was amazing. I know he’s been an asshat the past few eps, but this week he was pretty decent, and in that particular moment, he was super-cool. SUPER-COOL.

  2. Jed Bartlet May 1, 2016 / 10:40 pm

    Liz in the church was a fantastic moment. But I totally agree about her wanting Cooper to get ordained. It’s that TV thing of trying to make sure everyone in the cast is somehow involved in a wedding.

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