Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 17

A surgeon is suiting up to operate on the loser of a collision between a car and a human male, and since the camera lingers on the butterfly tattoo on the surgeon’s hand we know that there’s something unusual going on. Sure enough, as soon as the scalpel’s in her hand – surprise! – she stabs everyone else in the operating theatre, and disconnects the patient’s breathing apparatus, killing him as well. The Five-0 investigates, and it turns out that the dead patient, Tommy Luana, had had something implanted in him before he was knocked down; a something which was removed, post mortem, by our butterfly-tattooed surgeon.

The “something” is a USB drive with incredibly top secret details of undercover agents on it; and the “surgeon” will, in due course, turn out to be a Russian spy, capable of honeytrapping a nerd from a tech company into leaking black ops info to her, and of pumping gas into the Five-0 HQ – even into the Blue Room itself – thus knocking everyone out, so that she can grab the nerd away to help her decrypt the contents of the USB drive. Meantime the NSA warn everyone named on the USB drive that their covers might be blown, except a few they can’t reach. Including one Catherine Rollins, now revealed to Steve as not providing aid to Nepal or whatever the eff it was, but instead in deep cover in Ukraine. The lengths women will go to get away from you, Steve.

Meantime, the Five-0’s no-luck-with-women department still has to cope with Abby, who is part of – yes – an undercover operation to expose the Five-0’s unsavoury practices. Abby insists to her boss that she’s seen nothing untoward while she’s been working with them. She might care to watch a show called Hawaii Five-0, in which, reliably, at least one member of the team does something indictable every week. In this episode, for instance, Steve shoots a prisoner, under guard in a hospital bed, in the hope of torturing information out of him. This appears to pass without censure or, indeed, scrutiny. But not only does this sort of thing pass Abby by; she’s so racked with guilt that at the end of the episode she decides to confess everything to Chin. A busy episode which perhaps wasn’t quite as good as it could have been.

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