Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 16

One of the least-likeable characters in Hawaii Five-0, the deeply unpleasant criminal-turned-snitch Sang Min, is about to go on trial for a murder he says he didn’t commit. His public defender wants to sort out a plea bargain, no-one else will take the case, and for some reason Steve seems to think that he’s obliged to help out. Fortunately we’re spared the sight of Steve the defence attorney (“OK, witnesses. What do you got?”) because he has an even less plausible option in mind: his hairdresser Odell Martin (the returning Michael Imperioli).

Odell passed the bar a few years ago, you see, and even though he’s never actually practised law he’s Steve’s number 1 choice for a murder trial, with the Five-0 – sans Danny, who’s in Jersey doing something or other with the money his brother stole – trying to find out who set Sang Min up. It also gives Sang a chance to flirt with Kono, making it the second week in a row she’s been hit on by a criminal, presumably trying to fill the gap in her life while her husband does time at Halawa. Girlfriend’s got a type, that’s all I’m saying. Meantime Odell tries to work out what the hell to do, in particular during the trial itself, where he seems to be making up procedure as he goes along. It’s all very weird; not a bottle episode as such, but not a million miles away. It’s always worth seeing Michael Imperioli, though.

“Oh, FFS!” Watch: Take your pick of (i) the trial rehearsal in the hotel room, with Kame and Flippa as jurors; (ii) Ziggy Marley; (iii) Grover’s Jamaican accent.


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