Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 15

A man with autism, Neil, witnesses the murder of his friend Mark, but there are communication difficulties which hamper attempts to get further information out of Neil. So Steve takes Neil under his wing, while much to my delight the returning Gerard Hirsch (Mozzie out of White Collar) turns up at the locus, claiming to have retrained as a crime scene clean-up guy (“Point me to the carnage!”) while flirting with Kono, who rebuffs his interest even though we know her to have a bit of a taste for criminals.

The team discovers that the murder seems to be linked to an ambitious bank robbery, and that the other members of the heist gang have also been killed, which puts Neil in further danger. But Steve’s got his back: at one point Neil gets to go into Steve’s office, and even approaches the iTable itself. So we’re nicely set up for Steve and Neil working together, a bit of hugging and learning, and a redemptive, feelgood finish, with maybe Neil being made an honorary member of the Five-0.

But then something slightly odd happens, in H50 terms anyway. It turns out that – of course – Gabriel Waincroft is behind the murders, whereupon Neil simply disappears from the story, never to be seen again. And the news of Gabriel’s involvement prompts Chin to take leave of his senses, and pass up more than one opportunity to shoot Gabriel. He instead engages him in a lengthy – and technically not unimpressive – knockdown fight, which ends with him throwing Gabriel out of a window to his death.

Meantime, Danny is in what looks like an entirely detached B-plot: his mom (Melanie Griffith) is on the island, and to start with he’s pretending to be her husband so that she can get a free cruise from a timeshare company, a ruse which ends abruptly when the oleaginous salesman asks her to imagine “the warm, salty air tickling (her) naked skin…”. But then out of nowhere she’s questioned by the FBI, as is Danny, on both occasions about the death of Danny’s brother Matt. Danny – apparently correctly – deduces that this is an attempt to get some dirt on the Five-0, but what he doesn’t yet know is who’s behind it. My money says we’re two weeks away, tops, from “So this was all just a game? You slept with me to betray me?”/“No! I swear to you! I didn’t mean to fall in love with you… but I did”. All in all, though, one of the season’s better episodes.

“Oh, FFS!” Watch: Where’d the dead guy go? Honestly, Five-0. Has none of you ever watched a TV show?


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