Blindspot s1 ep 13

Suggesting something of a big week for Blindspot, the week’s previouslies provide us with a recap of just about everything that’s ever happened on the show: Kurt’s ex, Jane’s ex, the Russian sleeper cell business, the slimy OPR guy, that weird counter-intelligence woman with the pop star hair…. it’s all covered but, just to make doubly sure, the episode proper still begins with Jane using an angsty run around town to recap by flashback as well. Sigh.

Continuing the show’s unofficial tribute to Rocky, while Jane jogs round the city, Patterson pounds (and kicks and skewers) a blameless training mannequin in the gym because, now that she goes out on missions, she has to be an action heroine as well as a tech one. Not that that’s the official explanation – apparently we’re still pretending the death of her awful boyfriend isn’t the best thing that ever happened to her and the show, and she’s still totes sad. Righto. Whatever the reason, I’m all for career development opportunities for Patterson, and Reade’s terrified face when he sees her in action is possibly the best thing that ever happened to Reade, so the “Patterson for ass-kicking field agent” campaign officially starts here.

In an equally startling turn of events, while the normally sunny Patterson is committing acts of violence on an inanimate object, the (yes I know there’s an obvious joke here but it’s too cruel) normally gruff Weller is teasing sister Sarah about her presently (SPOILER: although not for much longer!) secret boyf and smiling and cracking a joke. Another joke! That must be about five by now!

So discomfited is everyone by Weller being the cheery one, however, that Sarah almost immediately takes smiling duties back off him and we move very swiftly on to a frankly TREMENDOUS sequence at the courthouse where some completely mad but brilliant stuff happens which I can’t even begin to describe in a way that doesn’t sound demented so I won’t.

As a result of this mad but brilliant stuff, Special Agent Slimy, having failed to bring down Patterson a couple of weeks ago, returns, ostensibly to try and hunt out a mole, but really to try and bring down Mayfair, Zapata and Jane this time because he apparently really hates women.

While Slimy focusses his questions on mole-relevant stuff like whether Kurt’s seeing anyone right now and whether he and Jane used tongue, Team Tat try and find the mole themselves with – for no obvious reason at all – help from the weird counter-intelligence woman with the pop star hair (just hanging out at their office, as you do) and Kurt’s Ex. Unfortunately for Team Tat, though, Slimy’s far better at getting what he wants out of them than they are at getting anything out of their ACTUAL RUSSIAN MOLE and, before you can say “why does Jane need an alibi for murder when you’ve no evidence there’s even been one?” he whips up a cloud of suspicion around her and whisks her out of the building.

Despite a disappointing lack of support from just about everyone, the steadfast, loyal Kurt – that rare kind of man who won’t let being stood up by Jane stop him from standing up for her – isn’t giving up there, though, shoving the unfortunate Russian mole up against a locker and embarking on an interrogation “lightning round” which turns on tailoring and Turkish coffee because this show is nuts but I love it.

A spot of running and shooting later, then, and Team Tat have their mascot back, but the damage has been done. Tasha is back to being turnable, Mayfair and Reade are back to being suspicious, Jane is back to being skittish and Kurt is back to doing his best Batman impression: “End it.” he orders Reade – who hilariously fesses up to the Sarah situation mid-crisis, presumably having worked out that Kurt won’t have time to beat him to a bloody pulp when there’s Jane-saving to do. “I can’t protect everyone! It takes all of me! It takes everything from me!” makes Sarah sad instead of angry with her big bro, though. And makes me wonder if he needs to talk to the (1/16th Russian!) sensitive psychologist. Look on the bright side, Kurt! Any other show would have made this a two-parter and brought Slimy back to annoy us all next week, but because Blindspot is awesome and doesn’t mess about, he’s gone, you’ve reminded Jane which side she’s on and it really can’t be long before she snogs you again. Hurrah!


2 thoughts on “Blindspot s1 ep 13

  1. Jed Bartlet April 4, 2016 / 9:54 pm

    John Hodgkin was good at playing an annoying character. So good that he actually became annoying, which took the edge off a bit for me.

    Still, Patterson working out. There’s that.

  2. Kay20 April 19, 2016 / 2:12 am

    Kurt’s speech to his sister made him an asshat this episode. Once again, just when I start to feel something for him that isn’t an eternal eye roll, he goes and tries to run his sister’s life. I’m sorry, but WHAT?! Just because you have issues, don’t bleed all over your sibling who seems like a reasonable human being. She can date whomever the hell she wants to date, and said person seems also like a reasonable human being whose only fault is that he doesn’t fall all over Jane (and he seems kinda square, but hey, maybe Sarah needs square).

    Also, Reade still has a point over Weller’s blind faith. I’m glad the show hasn’t let go of this.

    I really enjoyed the pacing of this episode, had me until the end.

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