Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 14

A very special Valentine’s Day episode, of all things. The Five-0 makes a perfunctory attempt to untangle the story behind a married woman found dead in an apartment rented out to couples who are having affairs. The obvious suspect is her husband, but he too turns up dead, having predeceased his wife, so it wasn’t him.

The theme of infidelity is designed to echo the other half of the episode, in which each of the Five-0 shares the tale of their disastrous Valentine’s Days. For Kono it’s pretty straightforward: don’t marry a mobster if you want to be sure your partner won’t be in prison on 14 February. The guys, meantime, all offer something along the lines of women-eh-what-can-you-do?. Everyone wants to know how Steve ended up with his black eye, but first we need to get through Danny and his card (which doesn’t say “I love you”); Grover and his night in the doghouse; and Chin… well, there’s something mysterious going on with Abby, who suddenly runs out of their hotel room just before Valentine-inspired coitus, and whatever it is it doesn’t look like good news for Chin.

That apart, it’s about as inconsequential an episode of H50 as can be imagined, particularly following on from last week’s unusual intensity. But slightly to my surprise I really enjoyed it.

(This episode was brought to you, not for the first time, by Victoria’s Secret. And Coldplay.)


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