The Good Wife s7 ep 9

After this week’s TGW, I have a few questions.

Since the oleaginous Jason Crouse has spent every episode since he appeared dedicatedly flirting with Alicia, why on earth is he so bent out of shape that someone (ie Ruth and Eli) has noticed how close they’ve become as a result and might think something of it? Did he really have no idea something might come of all that schmoozing? Are we really expected to think the mere suggestion something might would freak him out like it did this week?

And while we’re on the subject of people’s behaviour towards Alicia, why is Eli constantly trying to get her to run for political office when she doesn’t want it? The State’s Attorney job, now a Senate position – is Illinois running short of people would actually like to be elected? Why keep trying to resurrect “Saint Alicia” instead? Courtney suggests this week that Eli is obsessed with Alicia, that he’s a little bit in love with her, and there might be some truth in that, but, knowing this, Courtney still shells out 50 grand of her own cash for a focus group to explore the electoral potential of a woman who DOES NOT WANT TO BE ELECTED. Can Eli not find someone who does?

How about high-powered, self-made, super-duper businesswoman Courtney herself?


These two sub-plots weren’t bad. But they weren’t awesome either. Just as well then that the Case of the Week was much more fun; another TGW special, mixing two of the show’s favourite, complicated subjects – race and technology – in a way that was super-smart and funny, while also giving Matt Czuchry’s Cary plenty to do. And a potential new love interest too? We’ll see.


One thought on “The Good Wife s7 ep 9

  1. Jed Bartlet April 1, 2016 / 6:32 pm

    The Case of the Week was… OK I suppose, but I’m sure TGW has handled racial issues with more confidence and acuity in the past. I’m also not convinced by Cary and Lucca; I thought he had much more chemistry with Monica. In fact, in general Cary is being really badly served this season, which is a shame.

    With Eli, I’m guessing it’s a combination of a couple of things (and I’m assuming that Scandal is an accurate representation of how political operatives, um, operate). He’s looking for an electable candidate; he used to have Peter, but he realises that even if Peter gets elected he’s not going to be able to wield much influence. Alicia, on the other hand, he still thinks he can fashion into a politician, notwithstanding her lack of interest in being one (and, for that matter, her complete lack of a platform when we saw her running for office last time). I don’t think it makes much sense, mind you, but that’s my best guess.

    As for Jason – all I can think is that an uncomplicated flirtation became complicated. It happens…

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