The Good Wife s7 ep 8

imageAlicia and Lucca are desperate for new business, but hopeless at drumming it up. Courtney’s salary floor (among other things) continues to give Eli palpitations, even though I genuinely can’t see why it’s Eli’s business. And Peter Gallagher’s back, drawing Christine Baranski’s incomparable Diane into a stupendously controversial, ripped-from-the-headlines case which manages to weave in reproductive rights, research on foetal tissue and the First Amendment, all in glorious Good Wife style.

“Even a tired Good Wife is better than just about anything else on TV,” said our very own Jed a few weeks ago and our very own Jed was right. From the opening video footage set in “YouGoGurt” (HEE) to REDACTED demanding her billing percentage at the end, “Restraint” could easily have been a swing-and-a-miss, given everything it was trying to pack in, but instead it hit just about every target with joy and aplomb. A terrific whirlwind of wit and intelligence; I loved it.


One thought on “The Good Wife s7 ep 8

  1. Jed Bartlet March 26, 2016 / 1:58 pm

    Wasn’t mad about this one, I’m afraid. The Case of the Week was fine, although yet again Cary was grievously under-used. The Alicia and Lucca storyline was just there, no more and no less. When did Alicia become incapable of conducting a simple meeting?

    And Eli’s plot was stupid, which isn’t a word I like using about this show. Not only was Courtney’s business arrangement none of Eli’s business, his criticism of it made no sense. Either (a) she’s a capitalist heroine, doing what she likes with her money; or (b) she’s a living example of the benevolent zillionaire, proof that the intellectually vacuous concept of trickle-down economics actually works. It isn’t even close to socialism of the sort which might frighten an electorate.

    As for his romance with Courtney… the show has clearly been pushing us towards that for five minutes or so, although God knows why, because they have no sexual chemistry whatsoever. That kiss was awkward. Which means that both Alan Cumming and Vanessa Williams are now stranded in a plot which isn’t working.

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