Code Black ep 17

After the brief madness with Malaya’s stalker and REDACTED’s murder over the past few weeks, Code Black has now settled back down into its usual watchable but unremarkable groove, which makes it something of a challenge to write about – I hardly have anything to say – but with just one episode left in the season, it seems weird to stop now.

This penultimate ep included a genuinely sweet and very funny storyline about a family injured at a zombie convention (and why not?); a very odd, unsatisfying sub-plot about possible child abuse at a camp for troubled kids where Christa’s entirely sensible instincts turned out to be wrong, because it’s more important to find ways for her and love rival/ professional irritant Grace to butt heads as much as possible than for the story to make sense; Leanne learning that with great power comes no money; and an estranged, thoroughly unlikeable couple finding their way back to each other through the time-honoured route of near-death.

It also has Campbell lecturing Neal on the differences between surgeons and emergency physicians – something every medical show likes to do on a regular basis, despite most of us non-medically qualified viewers not caring a jot what anybody’s job title is, and just wanting to see good-looking folk dashing around with gurneys – and Heather getting Angus addicted to Ritalin. On which latter note: what? Now? Why?



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