The Good Wife s7 ep 7

The case of the week is a super-topical one, even by TGW standards: an accident involving a driverless car turns into a three-way battle between Lockhart Agos, Louis Canning and Alicia, covering both the limits and lack thereof of artificial intelligence, and the imminent rise of the machines (be afraid, you guys) with the show’s customary brevity and wit. And, thankfully, minimal contribution from that pest Canning.

On the election front, meanwhile, Alicia and Peter have to fake it to make it; Vanessa Williams comes to visit; and we get our first taste of life on the Election Board with Evil Frank Landau at the helm. Uh-oh…

For the most part, then, while I’m not sure I buy Alicia’s new-found clinical attitude to sex or the awkward dialogue that apparently goes with it, “Driven” is decent, if not revolutionary, TGW fun, with particular highlights including Jason and Peter’s first meeting and a terrific fellow called Dudewitz being magnificently rudewitz to everyone throughout. Good times.


One thought on “The Good Wife s7 ep 7

  1. Jed Bartlet March 15, 2016 / 11:37 pm

    I may or may not be ready to forgive her for what might or might not have happened last season, but my God Julianna Margulies was MAGNIFICENT this week: everything from the way in which she shouldered Canning out of the way, to her insouciance when caught by Eli in a post-coital moment. And, of course, her reaction when finding out that she’s getting a new father-in-law.

    All of which helped the episode enormously. I really enjoyed this. I still think it’s a shame that LAL has been sidelined, but at least the Cary/Diane plot this week put them in a room with Alicia and Lucca, not to mention Canning, who doesn’t need to go in for his usual nonsense when he’s outside of a courtroom. I also like Alicia’s chemistry with Jason, but I think I’m more in favour of that character than you are.

    On the downside, the Election Board bits weren’t great, but they kept things ticking over. And I’m not convinced about Courtney as a potential love interest for Eli – candidly, she looks like way too much woman for him. But this was great.

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