Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 11

It’s clear from the outset that this is mainly going to be about Kamekona’s past, and to be honest I wasn’t convinced that a Kame-centric episode is what the world’s been waiting for. But let’s give it a chance: OK then big guy, what do you got?

Kame’s old friend, Levi, is out of prison after ten years inside, and through a series of flashbacks we get to find out their connection: they used to run together as drug dealers, until Chin prevailed on Kame to turn informer in order to keep his brother out of trouble. But now, with all such debts extinguished, and Kame established as a law-abiding businessman, Chin needs Kame again: not long after Levi’s release an old adversary, Remy, turned up dead. So Chin wants Kame to wear a wire, get close to Levi, and get enough evidence to put him away again. “It’s the only way to get to Levi”, Chin insists. Is it chuff, I thought, and was quite pleased when Grover expressed the concerns I’d been having about exposing a civilian to that sort of danger. It’s a good story, though, which unexpectedly touched me, and even added a little light and shade to the not-always interesting Chin; in short, I enjoyed it much more than I was anticipating.

Meantime, in the long-awaited return of Bromance Watch, Steve and Danny need to obtain their annual state-mandated counselling, so are headed for a “brocation” weekend in a luxury resort. Of course – comic misunderstanding ahoy! – when they get there it turns out that Steve has mistakenly booked them in to couples’ therapy. We’ve been here before, I think, and for what it’s worth my view remains that we need more week-to-week carguments and fewer big one-off episodes pretending that they’re in love with each other, even if they totally are. Still, the resort has a pillow menu and handmade artisanal soaps, and overall the episode comfortably passes muster.


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