The Blacklist s3 ep 10

With Liz about to be taken to the federal courthouse to face charges of mass murder – if she survives that long – it’s time for the Red/Tom plan to really get going. And even by the standards of The Blacklist, it’s preposterously elaborate: if Mrs Director can be persuaded to go to couples therapy on a different day from the usual one, and if her therapist can fit her in, and if the Director can be convinced to join her at the therapist’s office, and if he doesn’t notice that the lift taking him to the office takes a little longer than normal, or the smell of fresh paint, and if Red and his team can get him back out of the building without being shot by The Director’s security detail… then, yes, Red can kidnap him.

There’s a fair amount of enjoyment to be had in watching it all unfold, mind you, particularly when The Director wakes up to find himself on a plane heading to The Hague in the custody of the Venezuelan government, represented by Papi out of Ugly Betty, who wants to hand him over to stand trial for war crimes. And meantime Tom is delivering Karakurt to the courthouse to confess to just about everything Liz stands accused of, which means that Marvin Gerard has all the leverage he’s ever going to have to strike a favourable deal on Liz’s behalf.

The stumbling block, though, is that she’s gonna have to cop to the shooting of the Attorney General. (I actually quite liked this: yes, she did assassinate him in cold blood in front of like a zillion witnesses; no, it wasn’t self-defence.) Which means that she’s out of the FBI – not even the Feds can keep the person who killed the country’s highest-ranking law officer on its books – although she won’t go to jail, and will be able to join up with the Red Task Force, as a consultant rather than an agent. I suppose as long as the compensation package is comparable, it won’t be too much of a problem.

‘The Director- Conclusion’ isn’t as good as last week’s episode. It does get the ending it needs, though, when we get conclusive proof that – unlike Tom, Cooper, and Ressler last week – Red does not eff about when it comes to dealing with people who need dealt with. Nor, as it happens, when it comes to forming alliances which might advance his own interests.


One thought on “The Blacklist s3 ep 10

  1. CJ Cregg March 14, 2016 / 7:06 pm

    This was fine, if completely bonkers. I could have done with more Aran – he is absolutely my favourite character now – and I think it all resolved a bit too easily in the end given all the angst and all the bodies it took to get there over the past ten eps but I enjoyed it anyway.

    Did I imagine it or were there a lot of meaningful, if-it-weren’t-for-Tom looks between Ressler and Liz?

    Also, seems a wee bit unlikely Liz would just wander out on to a deserted street on release. Would there not be a media scrum?

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