Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 10

Local boxing hero Luke Nakano is about to fight trash-talking mainlander Devon Haynes for a world title. At the weigh-in the day before, Luke’s ex-con brother behaves aggressively towards Haynes, and is subsequently found dead, apparently having been punched to death, making Haynes the main suspect. But we’re only a few minutes in, so it isn’t him.

I half-expected that a grief-stricken Nakano was going to withdraw from the fight, leaving the promoters with a Hawaiian-fighter-sized gap to fill at very short notice, and Steve stepping up to go 12 rounds with a world champion. But I was disappointed; instead Steve – let’s not mince words – tortures information out of another suspect, and discovers that the whole plot is yet another creation of Gabriel Wainwright, the criminal mastermind de nos jours.

Wainwright is clearly a go-big-or-go-home kind of criminal mastermind: his Big Idea is to steal a security pass to Haynes vs. Nakano and send a team of assassins into the arena, where three of Hawaii’s other criminal masterminds – including our old friend Goro Shioma – are watching the fight. Shouldn’t these people, I dunno, be travelling separately, like the Royal Family? What happens if they’re all wiped out in one incident? Who’s running the protection rackets and titty-bars then? Guns are pulled, shots are fired, ambulances are hijacked.

Meantime Adam’s attorney has plea-bargained the DA down to a frankly astonishing 18 months for a double homicide. Adam takes the deal because otherwise, if convicted at trial, he might get 5 years. 5 years? Is all the stuff I’ve been reading about the unnecessarily lengthy incarceration of American criminals just so much hokum? I’m guessing this is a device to get Ian Anthony Dale out of the way for a while, but he and Kono have to go through their usual routine: once they’ve put this behind them, they can finally be a couple without having to deal with his past, etc. etc. Unless, I imagine, he shoots someone again on his release, when he might get a fine or something. An oddly unconvincing episode, all round: nowhere near as much fun as last week’s, and not well-plotted enough to be a good “serious” one.

This episode was brought to you by: the Po’okela Suite at the Westin Moana Surfrider.


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