Code Black ep 15

“I’m sorry, I don’t know why we’re doing this.”

Me neither, to be honest. Of all the framing devices they could have used to tell the story of how REDACTED died, an internal panel / witch-hunt apparently taking place a few days after the murder of one member of hospital staff and the attempted rape and murder of another, conducted by the boyfriend of the deceased, with no Union reps or lawyers or police or anyone impartial at all in charge seems a bizarre choice, but there you go.

While I wouldn’t have gone for any sort of flashback device myself, however – let alone one that broke every rule of logic and human resources there is – once I got beyond the general idea, the episode itself was well-plotted, beautifully acted and, for the most part, pretty compelling. I’m not sure it needed all that relationship drama thrown in as well, though. Christa’s random tiff with Neal came out of nowhere for no real reason but, in fairness, at least it was dealt with briefly and decisively (I hope) so didn’t really detract from the main story. The introduction of yet another arrogant jerk into the already asshat-centric Mario and Heather relationship wasn’t quite so forgivable, unfortunately. Surgeon Campbell is very handsome, true, but he’s also self-righteous, rude and determined to blame everyone else for everything. Heather certainly has a type, huh?


2 thoughts on “Code Black ep 15

  1. Kay20 April 10, 2016 / 7:54 am

    Still hating that apparently all doctors except ER doctors are stupid. The surgeon had a point – but it was veiled in asshatery.

    Also – would have loved for the psych department to have spoken up about this case. If they worked at this hospital that is.

    Liking Angus more and more with each ep – especially since he dumped the idea of Heather to the curb. Good choice, Angus.

    • CJ Cregg April 12, 2016 / 9:44 pm

      The lack of any psych dept just gets more bizarre by the week! If the show can spring for actors to play the head of the hospital and random asshat surgeons, surely they can spring for someone to play a psychiatrist with a couple of lines? *scratches head in disbelief*

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