Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 9

The remains of a college professor are found on a farm, being dined on by pigs. (“Was he”, muses Danny, “a hot or a cold meal?”) As Professor Dead was hated by his students, the Five-0 decides that the best play is to send someone in undercover as a replacement. And Steve’s view is that Danny is the ideal candidate. Yes, it’s Professor Danny! Since this is obviously preposterous (“Hey, uh, students. What do you got?”) the writers need to invent some new backstory for Danny – he minored in business while at Seton Hall – and a reason why Steve has known this, and said nothing about it, for years.

Anyway, Professor “Ben Jeffries” is duly installed, lectures in microeconomics, and gets hit on by a hot coed. He also keeps an eye on his idiot nephew Eric, seconded from the crime lab to play a bro student, which of course makes Eric as happy as, well, a pig in shit. On which topic poor old Jerry is left at the farm: one of the pigs ate the bullet which killed the professor, so Jerry’s task is to monitor Brer Pig’s faecal output. There’s a nice bit of misdirection towards the end of the episode, rounding off a decent A-plot.

Meantime, Chin and Abby circle each other hungrily. And there’s no appearance by the Nosh this week: Kono tells us that he’s been offered two years in prison by the DA. She seems irritated by his refusal to fight – although two years for double homicide sounds like a sweet deal to me – and by the DA office’s unreasonable insistence on prosecuting the son of a Yakuza gangster for murder. What can they be thinking?

But there’s another plot, and it’s a good one. Nahele, the homeless teenager introduced in season 5, has an unexpected and unwelcome visitor at Kamekona’s: his father, released from prison, and wanting custody of his son. It’s a touching storyline with an unexpected sting in its tale, and as with Nahele’s first appearance it’s a chance for Alex O’Loughlin to do some excellent work.

This episode was brought to you by: Cogent Systems and its “AFIS solutions”.


One thought on “Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 9

  1. CJ Cregg February 28, 2016 / 10:36 pm

    Haven’t watched H50 since the beginning of the season but I gave this ep a go on your recommendation, Jed and yep, it was a good one. Professor Danny was fun, and I really, really like the bond between Nahele and Steve. As we’ve said, it definitely brings out the best in Alex O’Loughlin.

    PS – Jerry must have absolutely no sense of smell given how and where he spent the ep without even blanching, but him reading Charlotte’s Web to the pigs was inspired. I LOVE Jerry.

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