The Good Wife s7 ep 4

Cary and Alicia! In a scene together!

*bursts into song* Oh happy day!

Not that it lasts very long, but it’s still lovely to see them in the same room, smiling at each other. Remember the days….?

The reason Cary goes to see Alicia at all, though, is that (off-screen) bigwig conservative super-client Reese Dipple is seriously pushing his luck. Having promised Diane she won’t have to actually argue the cases she doesn’t believe in, he sends the always terrific Peter Gallagher to make her do exactly that: argue an anti-physician-assisted-suicide case against the consummate pain in the rear end that is Louis Canning. I cannot express just how completely and utterly sick I am of Louis Canning but, if we have to have him, Diane sorting him out is the only bearable way to do it – the unflappable way she deals with all his asshattery is both hilarious and awesome and, between them, Christine Baranski and Gallagher do a great job keeping the focus on the genuinely polarising and sensitive issue at the heart of the story instead of on yet more stupid tricks with walking sticks.

As well as arguing the issues in court, however, Reese Dipple wants Lockhart Agos to get Alicia to argue them out of court too. To her husband, the Governor. Despite Reese Dipple being the main reason Alicia isn’t actually around to argue stuff for Lockhart or Agos any longer.

*shakes head*

Of course, Alicia says no, she’s far too busy tackling racial profiling and systematic abuse of the justice system in Bond Court – and coming second in Perps by the Pound – but it’s probably just as well, since, thanks to Eli, there’s already a queue of Florricks wanting to debate the issue with the beleaguered Peter anyway. And Ruth, apparently the stupidest campaign manager in history, seems determined to annoy them all.


I really don’t understand why it is Ruth’s supposed to be such a catch; her main focus since her arrival has been to try and cut Peter off from everyone who has loved and/or supported him, and while Peter might be content to cut Eli loose, why she’d think he would want to do the same with his mother and daughter is beyond me. However, apart from that niggle and the continued smugness of Jason Crouse, this was a more than decent episode, with a good sprinkling of laughs, thoughtful handling of some difficult issues and some hope that the door might not be entirely closed on a Lockhart, Agos and Florrick rapprochement after all. Good.


2 thoughts on “The Good Wife s7 ep 4

  1. Jed Bartlet February 23, 2016 / 2:03 pm

    I thought this was a great episode. I agree generally about Louis Canning – he’s delighted us for long enough – but it was worth having him in this time purely to give Diane the opportunity to smack him about, which in turn reminded us of just how awesome Diane is. Was Peter Gallagher getting quite (physically) close to Diane, incidentally, or did I imagine it? I can’t imagine the writers would give Diane a Republican boyfriend twice in a row. But in the event that Gary Cole were to do a Kalinda, I could see Gallagher and Diane as a couple.

    The bond court stuff was good as well, although – without actually knowing – would the judge be able to get away with that? I also liked the way in which the possible class action suit fizzled away to nothing when Alicia sold it out for access to the CCTV. In fact, none of the cases this week reached an entirely satisfactory conclusion; I assume that Alicia’s client did indeed take the plea, and that Diane’s case was lost on the basis of the post on social media?

    Don’t agree, though, about Ruth. I thought this was the first episode in which we got showing rather than telling: the way in which she handled mother and daughter was excellent. It still looks, though, as if Eli’s main reason for being there is to keep a good character (and actor) in the show; I refuse to believe that someone who is very clearly determined to derail the campaign would be allowed to remain a part of it. He’s not even trying to hide it.

    • CJ Cregg February 25, 2016 / 11:12 pm

      FWIW I didn’t get a romantic vibe from Peter G but Diane could do worse, were she not already married to awesome Gary Cole.

      Ruth handled Jackie and Grace beautifully, yes, but only after Peter told her to – before that, she thought the way to handle them was to frustrate their efforts to get to Peter, which was a completely bizarre choice. Why not handle them beautifully from the start? It shouldn’t have taken Eli and Peter to open her eyes to the need to get Jackie and Grace on side, it should have been obvious to her from the off. Agree about Eli, though. His role makes absolutely no sense.

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