Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 8

Annoying conman Hank Weber (played annoyingly by Kristoffer Polaha, Henry from Ringer) lands in Hawaii with his conwoman partner. After helping themselves to some goodies at the airport they set up their main scam: she seduces married idiots and takes them back to her hotel room; he bursts in claiming to be an angry husband; the idiots flee leaving their wallets behind. Good times. But then someone else does the bursting in, and shoots Hank’s partner.

Enter the Five-0, this week with some additional assistance from Inspector Abby Dunn of the San Francisco Police, ostensibly seconded to Hawaii to see for herself just how you put together a task force with “immunity and means”. As Abby is played by Julie Benz, and you don’t cast the Benz for a two-minute throwaway role, I started to wonder whether this was setting up a California-based spinoff, perhaps even something that Scott Caan can commit to on a full-time basis. But as the episode goes on it becomes clear that she’s mainly there so that she and Chin can undress each other – only with their eyes this week, but presumably the deed will be done at some point in the near future.

Anyway, after some sparring with Hank the Five-0 decides, for some reason, that he can help them to find the killer of his partner, even letting him into the Five-0’s sanctum sanctorum: the room which holds the iTable. For that reason the twist, when it comes, isn’t entirely unexpected, but is nonetheless carried off with a certain amount of flair.

For Adam, meantime, it’s another bad week. It’s almost as if getting into bed with the Yakuza has consequences. Having been taken captive by two of Goro Shioma’s thugs, he manages to escape and kill them both – somewhat professionally, one might think, for a “family businessman” – before being captured again and dragged to Shioma for a sit-down. Whereupon it turns out that his debt has now been paid, and by someone the writers keep trying to get me to care about, but I still don’t. He’s not even as interesting as Wo Fat, which isn’t saying much. So to try and break out of this plot the Nosh decides to surrender to the police for the killing of Shioma’s henchmen. Presumably he has something in mind beyond retributive court-sanctioned punishment, but I’d quite like the show to get to the point. Adam’s plot apart, though, this was above-average.

“WDYG”? Watch: “Hey. What do you got?”


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