Code Black ep 13


In the “other medical shows have done this better” corner this week, Mario and Heather take a short break from being gross to persuade a young girl to accept treatment that her domineering, dogmatic stereotype of a father has banned her from having (there was a chance here for the show to look at potential conflicts between faith and medicine in a thoughtful, interesting way but, disappointingly, they went the easy, full-on abusive cliche route instead), before going right back to being gross again. Note to Mario and Heather: STOP having sex in the locker room. We’ve all suffered enough.

Well, all except Angus, who hasn’t yet realised  his “friend” is getting busy with the girl he’s incapable of talking to, but it can’t possibly be long now. This week, however, Dr Oblivious is otherwise distracted, as the “smug family member” slot vacated by Guthrie Jnr is filled, temporarily at least, by Angus’s brother – one of those people who can’t resist being terrific at everything and grinning about it all the time – which causes Angus himself to forget about ten episodes’ worth of character development and go back to dithering. Joy.

Also dithering is Leanne, who keeps cancelling what we’re supposed to think is a date, but is really an appointment with a therapist which might – might, let’s not get our hopes up too quickly now – mean that, OMG, the hospital actually does have a psych department after all. Except that it’s entirely possible that “Paul” a) works elsewhere and b) isn’t actually a proper psychiatrist at all. As far as we know, then, the current status of psychiatric services at Angels is still MIA.

No dithering or unexplained absence from my beloved Neal and Christa, though, who are as awesome as usual and twice as sweet. As well as saving a little boy’s life, Neal steps in to help the traumatised parents find their way back to each other because he’s lovely and sensitive like that, while also trusting best-doctor-in-the-hospital Christa’s judgement in relation to her treatment of another patient, because she’s earned it. And because she’s lovely and sensitive too. Unfortunately for the said patient, however, Neal and Christa are overruled by Gina, who is usually terrific but gets it spectacularly wrong this week because – I think – she wants Neal to look at her the way he looks at Christa instead. Aw, hon. We all know what that feels like, but, luckily, very few of us end up arguably being the cause of someone’s death as a result. Poor Gina, left with nothing but guilt, regret and the receipt for hospital linens to hold onto. Unlike Neal and Christa, who have guilt, regret, the knowledge that right was on their side, and also – oh my DAYS – each other. Which means – FINALLY – the kiss I’ve been waiting for since episode 2. THE KISS I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE EPISODE 2. OMG. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!


2 thoughts on “Code Black ep 13

  1. Kay20 February 28, 2016 / 8:22 pm

    Mario and Heather are disgusting. I’d love for one of them to bite the big one in next week’s episode. I don’t understand why I’m supposed to root for Mario. At all. And Heather is just as annoying. Who speaks to their bosses like that?

    I am inclined to like Angus’s brother because he was hilarious on The Mindy Project. We will see!

    Poor Angus. Hope he gets a proper love interest soon.

    • CJ Cregg February 28, 2016 / 10:39 pm

      I’m too busy shipping Christa and Neal to be too worried about Angus’s love life, tbh Kay😉 They are ADORBS.

      But yeah, Mario and Heather are gross. I don’t understand what the point of this storyline is. Two horrible characters having sex everywhere. And?

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