Code Black ep 12


We’re back at the scene of last week’s post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland multi-vehicle accident: Mario and Heather are working on a dying patient at gunpoint, Christa and Lily are signalling for help, and Neal is wandering around, looking perplexed but still handsome, wondering where the hell all his doctors are.

Still no sign of any police or firefighters though, so it’s left to the multi-tasking medics to sort everything out themselves.

Mario – even more insufferable than usual – jumps the man with the gun, then, all puffed up with his own heroism/stupidity, rushes him to Angels, tries to boss everyone around and gets busy with Heather by way of reward. Ugh.

Not that the “fun” ends there. Oh no. Gun man wakes up with a hole in his head and amnesia but there’s still no appearance from of any psych staff – perhaps they’ve forgotten they work there – and, although I can’t imagine anybody wants a Mario / Heather / Angus love triangle (except perhaps Mario, Heather and Angus), suddenly that’s what we’ve got.

Luckily there’s more than enough Christa, Lily and Neal adorableness to make up for it. After having successfully attracted his attention with their awesomeness (and a top-notch Morse code / headlights scheme), Neal sorts out a CHOPPER to rescue them and the rest of the family (I love Neal) and back to the hospital they all go too, where he tells Christa how amazing she is, they do a bit of life-saving surgery together (no big) and they gaze adoringly at each other like it’s an Olympic sport. Swoon.

Of course, she’s all jokey about it – I cannot believe she said REDACTED then took it back in such a relaxed way, but hi-fives to her for carrying it off with such confidence – and he’s all earnest and serious and ‘(you’re) beautiful.” Which means I am beyond excited, but ultimately disappointed since, as Leanne has to learn a lesson, Carla has to be REDACTED and Guthrie Junior has to run away like an asshat, flirting’s as far as poor Neal and Christa are allowed to get. FFS.


3 thoughts on “Code Black ep 12

  1. Kay20 February 12, 2016 / 3:39 pm

    I can’t believe they are setting up a love triangle with Angus. And Heather is a giant snooze fest. So I triply don’t care.

    • CJ Cregg February 15, 2016 / 9:33 pm

      I meant to say I can’t believe all the Mario/Heather shenanigans in the locker room. It’s not an on call room, people are wandering in all the time, the door doesn’t even lock. What is wrong with these two?

      • Kay20 February 15, 2016 / 10:06 pm

        They deserve each other. Run away Angus – run away!!!!

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