Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 6

It’s the Halloween episode which, no matter what the show is, rarely fills me with anticipatory joy. Anyway. A silly cold open leads to the discovery of a serial killer’s dumping ground, where the dismembered remains of three murdered women are found. When Max is able to get them back to the morgue he treats the body parts as a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle, and discovers that there are, in fact, four dead women, although each is missing a piece. This reminds Max of the Trashman case, and so Steve and Danny are a bit nicer to him than usual. Not too much, though: Max, while working in the morgue, is dressed as a character from Les Liaisons Dangereuses, because it’s Halloween, and – hey! – the serial killing of women also has its funny side.

The team deduces that there’s a connection between the victims: they were all snatched after landing at Honolulu International Airport, suggesting that the perp is someone who works there. He will, in due course, turn out to be someone who is trying to revive the memory of a failed relationship, by reconstructing the girl who got away. Physically reconstruct her, I mean. With the stolen body parts. Bride of Frankenstein style.

Meantime Jerry, dressed as Dracula, goes to donate blood. Hee. He’s quite properly treated with withering disdain by the nurse. While he’s there, though, an armed robbery takes place. What would you steal from a blood donation centre? Oh yes. Blood. There’s a baddie who needs emergency surgery, which I suspect happens more in American crime procedurals than in real life. And in the C-plot Grace tells her mother that she’s having a sleepover at a friend’s house, but goes to a house party instead. Danny goes to get her back. Hugging, learning. Not a bad episode, exactly, but considerably more gruesome than a normal Five-0 outing, and I’m not sure that they got the tone quite right.

“Oh, FFS!” Watch: the Halloween episode, so lots to choose from, but let’s go with “We’re chasing Dr Frankenstein”.

This episode was brought to you by: um, Bing? Oh go on then. The Shriners Hospital for Children, Honolulu.



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