The Good Wife s7 ep 1

imageAll the online speculation and discussion about KalindaGate, what is happening behind the scenes of The Good Wife and why Alicia is so isolated from most of the rest of the cast has been inevitable, given what has happened over the past few seasons, but a part of me really wishes I could go back and just not know anything about it.

I’ve been a huge fan and a big defender of the show and I’ve tried not to let thinking about it get in the way of my enjoyment of it, if you know what I mean but, whatever the truth behind it all is, TGW’s reputation has taken a massive hit, as have the producers’ and Julianna Margulies’. And in turn, I feel like, for those of us who have kept up to date with the prevailing chatter, the entire experience of watching the show has changed, and not for the better.

Two or three seasons ago, I would have been very enthusiastic about “Bond.” I would have said that I wasn’t too keen on the idea of Alicia setting up on her own, I could have done without Canning, and I missed Alicia’s relationships with Cary and Diane, but also that the episode won me over anyway by being very funny (Judge Jane Curtin! Grace the receptionist! The Roomba analysis!) and smart as usual, and bringing the majestic Margo Martindale on board. All that is still true but, two or three seasons ago, I wouldn’t have been wondering why Alicia no longer has any relationships with Cary or Diane, and why she’s starting up on her own and whether it’s to do with story or something behind-the-scenes, and I wouldn’t have felt vaguely uneasy and a little suspicious throughout.

Now, however, whatever the truth of the matter is, all my fretting about the baking process is having an effect on how the cake itself tastes; although I did enjoy this ep a lot, I wasn’t entirely¬†able to relax, suspend disbelief and just accept the story for story’s sake, without questioning everybody’s motives throughout, however unjustified that might or might not be. Which is a real shame and definitely not the way I want to spend the last season of one of my all-time favourite shows.


2 thoughts on “The Good Wife s7 ep 1

  1. Jed Bartlet February 3, 2016 / 10:25 pm

    Yup. The magic’s gone.

    This was OK. Always good to see Margo Martindale. The first shot of David Lee almost justified the episode on its own. The bond court stuff was fine, and the Case of the Week was diverting. I still don’t want Alicia working with/for Canning, but I’m hopeful that’s just a feint while she goes into partnership with Cush Jumbo. Who, at least for now, at least gets to sit in the same room as Julianna. (I also really liked what she was wearing, for what that’s worth.)

    But I think I’ve now had enough of the political campaigns which go nowhere, and much as I like Alan Cumming I don’t buy the reason for keeping him around. (Incidentally, during his rant did he confirm that Peter actually did sleep with Marilyn?) And Cary and Diane are just being wasted. As I’ve said plenty of times before, acknowledging you have a problem – as the show did this week with Cary and his aimless wandering – doesn’t make it go away.

    And, by no means for the first time, yet another judge is all “Matan”, IN COURT. What does this dude have on them?

  2. CJ Cregg February 9, 2016 / 10:53 pm – not that this is a surprise to anyone.

    PS – yes, I thought Eli did confirm Peter slept with Marilyn. At first I thought he meant Ramona, but he definitely said “your Ethics (Counsel/Director/something-or-other)” so that would be Marilyn. It’s a bit odd to suddenly bring it back up now, though – I wonder if that means Melissa George turning up at some point before the finale and bringing the Florrick campaign crashing down?

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