Blindspot s1 ep 10

Spoilers. REALLY big ones.

Mid-season finale time for Blindspot, and Pushy the boyfriend’s death is already paying off: Patterson and the sensitive psychologist get to share a scene at last! Hurrah!

It’s too soon for a date, unfortunately, though, so instead he tries to send her home, she begs to be allowed to stay because “everything there reminds me of (Pushy)” and he relents because, ethics and rules forbidding a federal agent to investigate her own boyfriend’s death be damned, what kind of monster would condemn someone to spend the day with only memories of Pushy to keep them company?


Because the sensitive psychologist is the nicest person on the show, then, Patterson gets to hang out at the office and periodically insist she’s fine, while everybody else pretends that the loss of Pushy is a monumental tragedy as opposed to a merciful release for the viewing audience and another helpful life lesson for Jane. “I’ve never lost anyone before. At least not anyone I can remember,” she says, sadly. Oh, honey. I say again: not everything has to be about YOU.

Still, Jane’s pain does give Kurt an excuse to take her hand and emote gruffly at her. Yay? And Jane and Patterson trying to comfort each other is both sweet and highly effective, pushing Jane into taking a break from tarting up her new Tattoo Collage/ Conspiracy Wall (!) and doing something more romantic instead.  SQUEE!

But more of that once we’ve dealt with this week’s plot.

For reasons which neither bear much scrutiny nor matter a jot, Pushy’s death seems to trigger a crossover episode with The Americans the awakening of a Russian sleeper cell using “old school Cold War tactics” to spy on/ kill various folk. To be honest, the targets of the op don’t seem anywhere near high enough in value to me to justify the years of work, marriage and child-bearing that apparently went into putting the cell in position in the first place, but what do I know?  I haven’t ever given up my entire life and identity – ANVIL ALERT! – for some unspecified secret mission. You’d have to ask Jane about that kind of thing.

Anyway, the Russian cell plot is filler-ish but fine, since it gives Patterson a chance to code-break through her heartache, and everyone else a chance to run, shoot and fight (a quick shout-out here to Jaimie Alexander who’s the most convincing hand-to-hand combatant I’ve seen on TV since Maggie Q’s Nikita. Girlfriend is fierce). Mother Russia’s principal function, however, is to keep everybody busy for the first two acts of the ep, so we can squeeze all the BIG NEWS in to the third.

First up, Jane is so inspired by Patterson’s carpe amorem chat that she presents herself at Casa Kurt and snogs him. SNOGS him. Kurt and I are both very excited by this, to the extent that – brace yourselves – the man smiles again. Woot! And SNOGS her back.


Unfortunately, this momentous event in the shipper calendar is then interrupted by that puckish nephew of his, who’s either a tiny double agent or a fool (this is the second time he’s screwed up Kurt/Jane time, there had better not be a third time, kid) and Kurt is so embarrassed/ dazed / lost in a love-induced fog, that he forgets he was worried about Jane sneaking out alone, lets her walk away alone and then….. OMG. Jane is set upon, I get such a fright I actually scream at the tv, and we’re into insanely high stakes multi-cliffhanger territory: Evil Tom’s bringing water-boarding back (FFS Tom), Tree Tat man runs to the rescue, and, oh yeah, Pre-Amnesia/ Pre-Haircut Jane has a lot of explaining to do.

It’s a terrific way to end what has been a fantastically enjoyable first half of the season. Truth be told, I was spoiled for most of it, but still – I wasn’t really expecting to like Blindspot when it first started, and turns out I absolutely love it. It’s crazy-silly, makes very little sense and, despite various efforts to lighten the mood, has the grumpiest hero on network TV (I don’t suppose P-A/P-H Jane’s Big Secret is going to cheer him up any, either) but it’s also been tremendous fun and I can’t get enough of it. The rest of the season had better hurry up, dammit. I really don’t want to wait.


4 thoughts on “Blindspot s1 ep 10

  1. Jed Bartlet January 31, 2016 / 10:20 pm

    Oh yes. The first two thirds of the episode were, as you say, really just there to get us to the good stuff. Like you, though, I was wondering whether it would really be worth all of that time and effort to get close to… was it a journalist or something? Could you not just have, I dunno, picked him/her up in a bar?

    But then… the KISSING. The ABDUCTION. The WATERBOARDING. The TREE TAT. The SHOOTING. The VIDEO. I was spoiled for NONE OF IT and it was AWESOME. OMG x 6. I say again, I LOVE THIS SHOW.

    As for Patterson, I suggest that she puts on the dress, gets drunk, and has a sloppy, tearful makeout session with someone. I’m not saying it has to be me, but I’m prepared to take one for the team, as it were.

    • CJ Cregg January 31, 2016 / 11:13 pm

      Selfless as ever, Jed 😉

      It was indeed awesome. I was practically on the ceiling for the last 15 minutes – THAT is how to go on hiatus.

  2. Kay20 January 31, 2016 / 11:27 pm

    I’m more interested in Tree Tat man than Murt right now. What’s his deal? What does he know? What is going to be his reaction to Weller? They were nearly engaged – what now?????

    Also glad Zapata was given the out. The show needs her sarcasm to counteract Jane’s doe eyes.

    • CJ Cregg February 2, 2016 / 10:40 pm

      I’m thinking it won’t be long till Tree Tat man and Weller come to blows over Jane. If it were a few hundred years ago, they’d totally challenged each other to a duel.

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