Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 5

Restaurateur Kevin Harper is several floors up in an office building, about to give a deposition in a civil lawsuit. Meantime, a motorcyclist rides into the building, into the lift (?), out again, and guns him down in front of his wife and daughter. As Danny admiringly says of the MO, it “looks cool”. Cool AF, in fairness. Sufficiently cool, in fact, to make it likely that the assassin is a member of the 808 Road Warriors, a local gang with interdisciplinary expertise in the challenging worlds of armed robbery and stunt-riding.

Harper was being sued by his former business partners, who were accusing him of embezzling, and according to his wife he was about to give evidence pointing the finger at the Samoan mob for extracting protection money from him. So the Five-0 round up some Samoans in order to accuse them of hiring a Road Warrior to carry out the hit. Looks straightforward, but the Samoans aren’t involved after all. The culprit is kind of who I thought it was, but the motive isn’t; insofar as the motive was plausible, and I’m not sure that it was. Still, the episode is punchy and well-plotted, and made to look very good by director Eagle Egilsson, who did time on Nikita, and clearly knows from action.

“Oh, FFS!” Watch: the whole of the Tough Mudder storyline, in particular the stills at the end.

This episode was brought to you by: Fitbit? Or was it a Sony? A Garmin? Sorry guys; your product placement cash is only well spent if the casual viewer can work out what your product actually is. Ask Montgomery Powersports. And, for that matter, Tough Mudder.



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