Blindspot s1ep 8

It’s a very unpopcult-ish week on the most unpopcult-ish show on our books, as we find out that Mayfair’s Big Secret is made up of lots of other Big Secrets – a Secret Love, a Secret Pain, a Secret Conspiracy and a Secret Hairdo. Oh yes, Mayfair is the queen of Big Secrets, the Biggest one being that she helped run the huge NSA/ FBI/ CIA illegal surveillance operation exposed by “Douglas Winter” – presumably Blindspot-speak for Edward Snowden because “Ted Sleethouse” or “Ned Igloo” would’ve been a step too far.

Mayfair hasn’t picked the best time to spill her guts, though. Now that Hardass Weller’s back to being sappy instead of stroppy with Jane, he badly needs somewhere to re-direct his inner rage, so he’s extra-angry with the boss for all that trampling over civil liberties to make up for it. Soulmate Jane’s the only other person who notices though, as Zapata and Reade are too busy bickering about the other big issues of the week to pay attention to all the growling going on; as well as illegal government surveillance, “Persecute Envoys” manages to work in references to police brutality, racial tensions and the Ferguson and Baltimore unrest. Which is delicate ground for any show to tackle, let alone one as cheerfully bonkers as this one.

Perhaps wisely, however, Blindspot contents itself with a well-judged remark or two on the topic before the story takes an about-turn, high-tails it away from the sensitive stuff and runs straight back into the arms of Tat of the Week silliness about colour-blind police bodycam corruption instead. All this means another wee mini-conspiracy, a jurisdictional turf war (rolls eyes) and – huzzah! – a flash grenade! I do like a good flash grenade. Especially when it’s accompanied by all sorts of shooting and shipping opportunities; as well as Jane and Kurt making soulful eyes at each other for the entire ep, and Jane being all “none of you have ever let me down” and “you should forgive Mayfair (so you can forgive me later)”, the shootout/flash grenade is a lovely excuse for some good old Mills and Boonery just to top things off. “When that door closed and I heard those shots, I thought they…” gulps a tearful Jane. “Jane, they didn’t. I’m fine,” the big, strong, bullet-resistant Kurt reassures her tenderly. SQUEE.

Even Kurt turning down a drink with the girls doesn’t spoil the effect – I mean, he clearly wants to go, but he has to take Jane’s advice and finish his sulking at Mayfair first. The girls night out stuff is quite sweet without him, though – it’s nice to see Jane hanging out with friends, doing non-Tattoo, non-Taylor-related things, even if she is a perpetual Debbie Downer. “I walk around and ride the subway and pretend I’m like everybody else,” she says, wistfully. Yes, Jane, we know. Sucks to be you. Maybe talk about something else for a change?


6 thoughts on “Blindspot s1ep 8

  1. Jed Bartlet January 18, 2016 / 10:50 pm

    Man, I totally loved this episode. I know it’s stupid, but I just loved it. Even the turf war didn’t annoy me, because at least they gave it a little room to breathe and actually had Mayfair go and explain to the local cops what they were doing and why they were doing it. Good plot. The girls had a night out, which was awesome – drunk Patterson! – in itself. And never mind “Garbo laughs”: Kurt smiled! I thought he and Jane were about to make out, but that can now only be weeks away.

    Ned Igloo. Hee.

    • CJ Cregg January 18, 2016 / 11:04 pm

      At this point, Kurt is cheerier than Jane – he even had a bit of fun with her when he pretended not to hear! Kurt! Having fun!

      Fair point about the turf war – I was surprised by how well they handled it too. At first, I was dreading it taking over the whole ep, but I agree, Mayfair dealt with it really well. In fairness, for an ep that was chock-full of completely demented stuff, everything was dealt with really well. Even the wee scene in the locker room where Jane joined in with Zapata to gang up on the boys and Reade was all rueful and “oh no, you too?” was quite sweet. I really like that some real, lighthearted camaraderie has developed there now instead of everyone but Kurt side-eyeing Jane all the time.

      • Jed Bartlet January 18, 2016 / 11:07 pm

        I really liked the occasional lightness of touch this week, but it was so out of keeping with the series so far that I wonder if someone’s had a word? The locker room scene was great. (But not as great as the girls’ night out.)

        • CJ Cregg January 18, 2016 / 11:19 pm

          I was also very excited by Zapata declaring during the night out that “Tomorrow we’re gonna get you some new clothes.” Extreme Makeover: Blindspot Edition! We didn’t actually get to see that, though 😦 Maybe they’re saving it for next week’s….

  2. Kay20 January 19, 2016 / 11:43 pm

    Great review CJ! I loved this episode for Mayfair (one of my favorites now of this show) and the connecting between the ladies, but hated the rest of it to be honest.

    This was the episode that brought my annoyance with Kurt’s treatment of Mayfair to a head. I just don’t understand how he won’t take a break and just *listen* to her rather than being a pouty agent. ARGH.

    And the constant pity party for both Kurt and Jane was getting a little much as well. I liked next week’s episode much better, even though it’s fluffy mcflufferson.

    • CJ Cregg January 19, 2016 / 11:58 pm

      Aw thanks Kay 🙂

      I am SO READY for fluffy mcflufferson 😉

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