Justified s5 eps 12 & 13

In my rush to get to 2016’s tv, I’ve not quite managed to deal with all of 2015’s yet – the Justified s5 finale was on weeks ago but this is me just getting round to writing about it. (Expect a similar post about The Leftovers in due course.) This is either ironic or entirely fitting, depending on your point of view, given how long we UK viewers actually had to wait to see it on TV at all, but no matter, let me just get to the point: these were two very good episodes, both of which were at their very best when Raylan and Boyd shared scenes, and both of which also benefitted hugely from the awesome but massively under-used Tim and Rachel working together and kicking ass. Wynn Duffy and Katherine Hale were excellent value, too, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that, by the final ep, at least, everyone was really just concerned with getting shot of served-his-purpose-as-placeholder-villain Daryl Crowe as quickly as possible so that they could all get organised for the next (final) season’s big Raylan and Boyd showdown.

If we’re talking wishes for next season, then, more Raylan/Boyd is obviously top of my list too (particularly since their shared screen time was so sparse this year), closely followed by more Tim and Rachel, and a lot less Ava; I enjoyed this season a lot more than many critics, but the increased focus on the interminably dull Ava and her utterly wretched prison storylines when Justified is so rich with magnificent, beautifully drawn, genuinely fascinating characters who work so amazingly well together was both baffling and a waste of precious screen time, as far as I’m concerned. Aside from all the Ava, though, I still think this was a really great season, and this is an absolutely terrific show, with two of the best performances on tv from Timothy Olyphant as Raylan and Walton Goggins as Boyd. I hope we get to see the final season on tv over here some time soon, but I suppose I’d best not hold my breath.

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