Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 3

In the Case of the Week the victim is a diver, Ben Lahinea, an ocean-floor scavenger who turns the objects he recovers into found art. He uncovers a gun on his latest expedition, and shoves it into his bag. Unfortunately the bag rips and the gun falls out, strikes a coral reef and discharges, firing a bullet into the unfortunate Mr Lahinea, who dies. I’m not sure that makes any sort of sense at all, but never mind.

The bullet matches one found in a John Doe a few weeks previously, and once Kono has worked out the hole-in-bag-accidental-discharge thing – which takes her seconds, so perhaps it’s a regular occurrence in the balmy waters around Oahu after all – they’re on Doe’s case as well, helped by their new lab assistant, Danny’s nephew Eric, who I called a bell end on his first (and, I hoped, last) appearance three years ago. He still is. “Less caffeine, tone down the misogyny”, he admonishes himself at one point. I’d be in favour of less breathing, but it looks as if he’s going to hang around. (Bizarrely, he seems to be quite good at his job.)

So with a new member of staff, Jerry finally on the payroll – and in a new office – and Steve about to propose to Catherine, everything’s OK in Five-0 world, right? Nope. For one, Gabriel still wants his money, and there are two dead Yakuza outside Adam and Kono’s house. Chin volunteers to act as liaison with oyabun Gozo Shioma and buys them an extra week.

And for another, Steve overhears Catherine on the phone talking in a foreign language. He concludes that she’s about to leave the country again, and confides in Danny, who takes it on himself to set up a meeting with Catherine. Oddly, her response when Danny asks her what she’s planning to do isn’t “How about you get away from me, creep, and mind your own effing business, rather than obsessing over your partner’s love life?” Instead she comes up with a few ambiguous words about how she wants to stay, but it’s evident she’s mentally packing her suitcases.

Back with the mysterious coral-covered gun: it’s one of these plots which keeps flitting from baddie to baddie. John Doe turns out to be Miko Mosley, who actually bought the gun with which he was shot; he was involved in a money-forging escapade with baddie #2, who turns up dead, having been killed by baddie #3, who is actually working for baddie #4. Who is easily enough identified – and it’s someone we know – because the Five-0 has added voice recognition software to its IT package. “God, I love this table”, breathes Jerry. Me too, dude. It’s all a bit dull though, to be honest, and I kept finding other minor tasks to do rather than sit and watch.

But then the show did something which genuinely surprised me. Catherine tells Steve that there is indeed another country which needs fixed, and she’s off to Nepal. Steve replies that he’s not going to wait for her, and as Catherine heads to the airport in tears there’s a lengthy montage of her scenes with Steve, the standard network TV signifier for a character who’s leaving a show. So goodbye, Catherine. Or…?

Bromance Watch: “I’m just looking out for my boy”.

(This episode was brought to you by: Go-Pro. Even if it’s been underwater for months, your coral-encrusted Go-Pro will still retain enough footage to give Kono a pointless storyline.)


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