Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 2

We start at an evacuated office building, and with brave little Sammy the bomb-defusing-robot attacking a briefcase which is thought to contain an explosive device. As it happens it doesn’t, but it is a decoy; as the bomb squad stand around fist-bumping, congratulating each other, and generally bro-ing, a car on the edge of the “frozen zone” – jargon which is new to me – goes up in flames, blowing cops all over the place. Sammy’s fate, at this point, is undetermined.

Then another briefcase gets left unattended, this time at a TV station, and Sammy – he’s alive, thank the Lord! – is able to have a crack at this one as well. Once again there’s no bomb, but the case does hold a USB drive, which in turn contains a demand to release Jason Duclair (Randy Couture), the “torch” who was caught by the Five-0 in season 5, or bad things will happen. Steve and Danny visit Duclair in Halawa, and he denies all knowledge, but in a kind of smirky way which makes it evident that he’s up to no good.

The Five-0 get a warrant to search the house of their first suspect, but it’s booby-trapped, and explodes all to hell when some redshirts try to bust their way in. (Sammy, presumably, was on another job, or maybe off duty.) Then Steve gets a call from Duclair’s protegé: he demands that Steve and Danny take Duclair out of prison the next morning, or there’ll be more deaths, etc. etc. Much to my surprise they go along with this, rather than growling about not doing deals with psychos. Turns out they have a Plan, which includes sticking a tracker in Duclair’s shoes, although as we will later see it’s attached to an insole the size of a small boat, so perhaps Duclair noticed that something was up. Anyway, Torch Jr. has parked a van-with-a-bomb outside the Five-0 HQ to keep them honest, and so Steve and Danny drop Duclair off in the middle of nowhere per his request.

Meantime the rest of the Five-0 is on the iTable trying to work out who might want Duclair released. Catherine, who of course effed off to Afghanistan for a season or so, has apparently been seamlessly re-integrated into the team. On the other hand Jerry – who has been loyally working for the guys for like ages now – is reduced to begging Kono to putting in a good word, in the hope of getting a proper job with them. This doesn’t seem very fair, and I assume that, in between shrimp shifts for Kamekona, Jerry is perusing the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Anyway, one Andre Trout (sic) is identified as the new keeper of Duclair’s flame, but for motives which never quite snap into focus he actually wants to kill Duclair rather than allow him to go free.

The upshot is that both Duclair and Trout escape, with Steve lamenting the fact that he let Gabriel get away last week as well. The Big Kahuna, it seems, is losing his mojo. But then, in a nicely ambiguous coda, Duclair phones up and surrenders, and in so doing offers Steve a lead on Trout’s, um, whereabouts.

While all of that’s going on, it looks yet again as if Kono’s been directed to a plot arc which will keep her away from everyone else for as long as possible. In season 4 it was kind of understandable: Grace Park had a bun in the oven. But this time…? Does she hate her co-stars? Do they hate her? Are her scenes being filmed in Vancouver, where she lives? I have no idea. Anyway, Adam survived last week’s little incident, of course, but he and Kono still need to get their money back from Gabriel to avoid being killed by gangstas.

Kono notices that there are people sitting watching them in a car outside their house, but Adam seems preternaturally relaxed about being the subject of Yakuza surveillance. Wonder why, eh? His explanation – that if the Yakuza wanted to harm them he and Kono wouldn’t even see the gangsters coming – doesn’t seem particularly reassuring to me, but then I wouldn’t marry a known Yakuza lieutenant, so what do I know? Anyway, the car returns one night and Kono goes out to confront its occupants, but they’re both dead. Definitely not killed by Adam, of course, who’ll be far too busy trying to sort out the “family business”. All in all I quite enjoyed this.

(This episode was brought to you by: Fysiotherapie, Honolulu.)


2 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 s6 ep 2

  1. Capt. Harold Dobey January 9, 2016 / 10:52 pm

    I would like to have known why Trout wanted Duclair dead. That would have been a really good thing to put in the story.

    I don’t like Jerry. It’s not because he looks like a giant hobo. It’s because if he’s such a paranoid conspiracy nut then why does he want to be a cop? I know 5-0 aren’t like other cops, i.e. they don’t need a desk in the interview room. Maybe it is the iTable and all the cool equipment.

    All the cool equipment that can’t find Gabriel walking up and down the High Street like a master criminal.

    I think Adam deserved a songtage for his physio rehabilitation.

  2. Jed Bartlet January 10, 2016 / 12:11 am

    I have no idea why Trout wanted Duclair dead. Something… about… fame?

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