Unpopcult Awards 2015

poll picRight, it’s the Christmas holidays, so it must be time to stuff our faces, watch films we’ve seen loads of times before and tell the Internet what we thought of this year’s tv – yes, it’s time for the EIGHTH annual Unpopcult end-of-year poll!

As usual, we’ll close the polls with the close of the year so you have till the bells ring out on New Year’s Eve to vote and we’ll announce the results on New Year’s Day. Before we get onto the voting, though, some poll miscellany for those keeping score: since we like to change things around, this year we’ve amalgamated Best US Drama and Best Comedy into one US Show category and kept the Ship of the Year in dry dock. The I Would brackets have a new, slightly more realistic name. And to try and keep things as current as we can, we’ve excluded Unpopcult favourites Parks and Rec and Justified from the polls this year on the basis that, although we absolutely adore them (and it HURT BAD not to nominate them), we’re so far behind with them in the UK that it’s almost time for their remakes.

So now you know our thinking, tell us yours. The comments thread is open, and so, now, are the polls. Ready, steady… VOTE.


One thought on “Unpopcult Awards 2015

  1. CJ Cregg December 26, 2015 / 12:11 am

    Oh! I’ve just remembered Humans. If I’d remembered it 48 hours ago, it would’ve taken a slot in Best UK/International Show. Sorry Humans 😦

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