Steve Jobs (2015)

I don’t know much about the late Steve Jobs beyond the very basics, so I make no claims as to the accuracy or otherwise of this film. What I can say, though, is that – however it might score on the authenticity front – as a movie, it is magnificent.

Aaron Sorkin’s sharp, bold script splits the film into three main acts, each focussing on Jobs’ interactions with various crucial people in his life just before a (now-legendary) particular product launch, and, as the best Sorkin writing is, it’s very intelligent, incredibly talky and yet utterly compelling at the same time. Danny Boyle’s direction, with the characters and camera striding and swooping backstage and front of house, keeps what could have been a very static film moving at such a brisk, engaging pace that it doesn’t feel anywhere near its two hour running time. And the entire cast is excellent, with Seth Rogen, Jeff Daniels, Michael Stuhlbarg and Kate Winslet (apart from the fact her accent starts off as generic “American” in the first act then changes to a hybrid of Eastern European and mid-Atlantic accents in the second and third) all terrific. But it’s the astonishing Michael Fassbender in the titular role who is the lynchpin of the whole thing, turning in a majestic, mesmerising performance which deserves every acting award going. He is absolutely incredible. As is this film. I loved it.


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