Code Black ep 7

An accident at a street fair means a very busy week for the Code Black staff and a solid, if predictable, episode which, to its credit, never seems rushed despite the inordinately high number of sub-plots/ patients featured.

The continuing, mysterious lack of any Psych staff – “They don’t have anyone here tonight,” or EVER – means that Angus forgets his dithering for the week, takes charge of the driver responsible for the accident and makes all the right sympathetic noises before making an obvious mistake that will probably haunt him forever. Or maybe for a couple of episodes. Whatever. I’m sure this means his confidence will be gone and he’ll be back to dithering next week, but at least it’s because he actually cares about his patients. Unlike the bafflingly unpleasant Mario Savetti who finds a new way to be a jerk just about every single week.

This time around, Mario gets all huffy about treating a man with priapism, on the basis that his own comfort is more important than his patient’s. Lovely Dr Neal (Raza Jaffrey) sets him straight – twice, because Savetti is too dense to get it the first time – and the show tries to excuse Mario’s lack of empathy by attributing it to Impostor Syndrome, but it seems more like Asshat Syndrome to me.

Lovely Dr Neal is making something of a speciality of talking people round, actually; he also has to manage the (justifiably) irate wife of a patient who was at the street fair with someone other than her. Oops. Leanne, meanwhile, de-bulges a pilot’s bulgy eye, and Christa (Bonnie Somerville) looks after a little boy with both health and immigration issues. Or, to put it more accurately, Christa is terrific with the boy, begs Leanne to help with the immigration difficulty and Leanne swoops in and takes the credit. Bah.

But Christa gets her reward anyway – breakfast with Dr Neal! And a lot of excited squeeing from the direction of my sofa. Swoon. I LOVE THESE TWO. Although they have some competition in the adorable stakes this week from the wonderful June Squibb’s Dorothy, an irresistible old lady in her 80’s who lights up every scene she’s in. Bless. If Dorothy could come back every week and just hang out with the equally charming Neal and Christa, Code Black would be amazing. As it is, it’s mostly just ok.


One thought on “Code Black ep 7

  1. Kay20 December 16, 2015 / 11:29 pm

    Dorothy was awesome. I actually teared up at the end when she came back. Was so glad she came back.

    And I loved the breakfast too. I’m holding my breath for the inevitable angst they are going to hand to Dr. Neal and Christa (other than the obvious of he’s her boss). Because they are awesome people.

    Meanwhile, asshat syndrome is right. Mario reaches a new low in the unloveable stakes. He is straight up terrible. He and Junior Guthrie need some major redemption.

    Dr. (Senior) Guthrie by the way is also super charming. He continues to be great in upcoming episodes and I hope they give him more to do than deal with his asshat son.

    Also liking Angus more and more. He’s growing into his character. Malaya continues to be kinda, “meh.” Frankly, her ex-girlfriend Carla is more interesting.

    I’m babbling. The show has some cool characters that I like, so will be sticking around with this one. Hoping it doesn’t get cancelled.

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