The Bridge (Bron/Broen) s3 ep 5; s3 ep 6

After four episodes which flung plot and characters – especially all those floppy-haired young men – at us, the mist started to lift in episode 5. Consequently, it was the best of the season so far. And it started and ended with two genuine OMG! moments, which also helped. The first of those was the shooting of gangster Lukas, who while in hospital remembered where he’d seen Henrik before: something to do with illegal drugs, and Henrik’s enthusiastic consumption of them. Lukas then does a runner from the hospital, turns up on Henrik’s doorstep blackmailing him into smuggling him out of the country, then is shot – this time fatally – before Henrik has the chance to do anything about it.

But that wasn’t the only connection to be made. Jeanette, the pregnant girlfriend of hopeless gambler Marc (who barely looks old enough to shave), is snatched out of their car, and taken to the house of slash-and-burn businessman Freddie Holst (Thomas Buch from season 2 of Forbrydelsen). But they all know each other: Jeanette is carrying Freddie’s baby as a surrogate for his wife Åsa, who – presumably to maintain the illusion – wears a prosthetic baby bump in public. Freddie is worried – rightly if you ask me – that being with Marc isn’t good for the health of his unborn child. And Freddie’s also connected to inspirational speaker and stalker-prey Claes: the two of them had a business disagreement a few years back, which Freddie came out of much better, ending up with money, art, and Åsa, who used to be married to Claes.

All of which suggests that Freddie is somewhere close to the centre of the murder investigation. Meantime, though, what looks like a burn mark has been found in Hans’s mouth. As none of the other victims’ mouths were inspected, it needs to be done – and in the case of Helle Anker, this means interrupting her funeral, a sensitive task which is handled by Saga with all of her usual tact and discretion. The marks will turn out to be numbers from the Babylonian system – Trying Too Hard, Mr/Ms Murderer – and Saga will get called out for her behaviour at the funeral by Linn, who actually has a point, and it isn’t unreasonable for Linn to think that Hans has been indulging Saga for too long. What might be unreasonable, though, is Linn’s apparent investigation into everything Saga’s ever done, and bringing in season 2’s dullard Rasmus to do it.

But the episode’s second big OMG! moment belongs to the storyline featuring Anna, the cougar from last week: her affair with Benjamin having been discovered, she gives the usual it-was-a-mistake-working-on-my-marriage interview while ignoring Benjamin’s phone calls. But then she realises that she was, in fact, happy with him, and leaves a voicemail on his phone telling him so. Unfortunately he won’t get to hear it; he’s lying in his bath, wrists slit. Suicide? Let’s presume so for now.

And by the end of episode 6 Anna’s arc will have been well and truly folded into the main storyline: her cuckolded husband Håkan had purportedly gone to their summer house, but instead he’s the victim of yet another complex murder. Another floppy-haired young man, this time a museum worker, has already turned up at the police station to tell Henrik and Saga that he thinks he’s found a connection between the murders: they all bear a resemblance to works of art in the collection of one Freddie Holst, who is definitely moving front and centre. The more he pisses off Åsa by cosying up to Jeanette, though, the more she hangs out with her ex-husband Claes. And this, in turn, pisses off the increasingly stalkerish Annika, who in her role as mortician has now worked out that Claes euthanised his father. This makes her dangerous, one would think, to Claes; well, that and the fact that she’s a stalker.

Also – and I’m not sure if this is just a minor detail yet – Tina, the photographer who took the photos of Anna and Benjamin, who is sacked from her newspaper job, is the girlfriend of police tech dude John, who works with Henrik and Saga. John isn’t above doing a little detective work for Tina either, and he manages to find out that the initial tip off which led Tina to the story most likely came from Benjamin himself. Mind you, Tina gets a text offering work, which involves an email address which is the same as a code found on Morten’s fridge – and which seems to be prompting the characters found inside the mouths of the victims – so we probably haven’t seen the last of her. Unless we have, if you see what I mean.

There’s yet another suicide in episode 6 – this time Saga’s mother, who frankly is no great loss, although it gives the increasingly unpleasant Linn another chance to poke her nose into Saga’s private life. We know that Saga must have been thrown, though, because she turns up at Henrik’s house just looking for company rather than sex, and they share a terrific scene, spooky and moving, in which Henrik confesses that he still sees his wife and children. Much as I’m missing Martin, #Henga is starting to grow on me.

By the end of the episode Saga, too, has had a secret tipoff about the murders, although her informant doesn’t show up. By this stage suspicion is starting to focus on Kjell Soder, an employee at the building where Helle’s body was found. He might have gone to Singapore, but I’d be prepared to bet that the budget doesn’t stretch to that, so I think he’ll be in Malmö, or perhaps Copenhagen. Anyway, it now looks as if we’re over the hump of establishing characters and plot lines – these episodes were excellent.


2 thoughts on “The Bridge (Bron/Broen) s3 ep 5; s3 ep 6

  1. Ace Of Wands December 11, 2015 / 11:45 pm

    Para 3 – for Lars, read Hans. Or, strictly speaking now, Han. 😉

    • Jed Bartlet December 12, 2015 / 12:03 am

      Heh. Have changed. I suppose Hans might at least be pleased that he was spared having his genitalia detached very slowly. If he ever wakes up, of course.

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