The Blacklist s3 ep 6

Red is trying to find Andras Halmi, a Belgian econometrician and advisor to The Director. Halmi has been abducted by Sir Crispin Crandall, reclusive Blacklister and cryogenics billionaire. Crandall lives in his plane, but every now and again he touches down to kidnap some of the world’s cleverest people. In each case, though, he takes a man and a woman with the same specialism. “Someone is building an ark”, observes Red, with James Spader just about managing to keep a straight face.

Fortunately the world’s leading female econometrician lives just down the road – as opposed to, say, Tokyo, which might have been a problem – so Ressler and the Task Force can get there more or less in time. It’s very noticeable, incidentally, that Liz is little more than set-dressing this week, while Samar has a much more prominent role. I don’t know when this episode was filmed, but I’m not at all surprised by the news that Megan Boone is pregnant. Anyway, Red’s task is made more difficult by the fact that Ressler is now obliged to keep The Director in the loop, but Red stays a step or two ahead, gets what he needs from Halmi – ew – and flies off with Liz.

Meantime Tom’s plan to get close to Karakurt is going well, and by “well” I mean that he’s captured by Karakurt’s thugs and forced to engage in a street fight to the death against poor Asher, who has realised, far too late, that Tom isn’t the sort of guy you want infiltrating your life. (Still not sure about Asher’s gf, mind you.) Credit, here, to the writers – I would have put money on Tom and Asher both escaping, but the show followed through.

It’s a strange episode: The Blacklist’s A-plots are regularly absurd, which I’m normally quite happy about, but this week’s isn’t even particularly entertaining. On the other hand, Tom’s equally ridiculous subplot is riotously good fun, particularly when Tom tells the baddies what he’s going to do to them, and then does it. The problem, of course, is that Tom – this week, anyway – is in a much better show.


One thought on “The Blacklist s3 ep 6

  1. CJ Cregg November 30, 2015 / 6:49 pm

    This ep was.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Tom and Red should just get their own spin-offs.

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