Code Black ep 4

A busy but well-plotted week on CodeBlack as the show begins to find its groove; too late to save it from cancellation, I would have thought, but nice for those of us determined to stick it out till the end.

Leanne Rorish is the least annoying she’s been so far – the fact that her snappy soundbite count is also the lowest it’s been is not a coincidence – although the trite factor in the detox/ grief ritual sub-plot she’s involved in is still too high for anyone who’s ever watched tv before. I mean, the idea is fine, ish, but it’s too cliched to be moving and it’s also a bit weird – a grieving alcoholic comes to your hospital once a year for 10 years on the trot, thinking it’s his dead daughter’s wedding day each time and nobody ever thinks a psych consult might be an option?

Maybe the psych folk are all too busy, although it’s not entirely clear what they’re busy with. As far as I can remember, Mario Savetti aka Cocky Resident is the only person I’ve ever seen call for a psych consult at all on this show. For an OD patient he then manages to lose, mind you, so it doesn’t really count. I wonder if the guy ever got the psych consult after all…

Not that anyone actually cares about Dr Savetti. He’s managed the magnificent feat of annoying every single person who works with him, and his little sad face when the other Residents head off together for Resident Fun Time without him makes clear he knows it too. It’s going to take a personality transplant and a lot of grovelling to fix that, which I suppose the writers could organise for him, but time is short, guys – why not just transfer him to Chicago Med or something, and give us more of some other folk instead?

And when I say “some other folk”, I obviously mean Raza Jaffrey’s Neal Handsome Hudson and Bonnie Somerville’s Christa Lorenson, aka Mature Sensible Resident. Malaya (Ambitious but Talented Resident) is all right and Angus (Dithering Resident) is, er, there too, but there’s nothing remotely interesting about either of them, and Dr Guthrie’s son, Other Dr Guthrie, is both boring and an asshat, so forget him as well. The tremendously likeable Christa and Neal, however, could carry the show on their own.

Who am I kidding? The tremendously likeable Christa and Neal are carrying the show on their own.  This week, bless them, they’re working together to save a mother and baby who are not only burn and illness victims but also kidnap victims. So it’s not a good week for mother and baby. Or, actually, it’s a brilliant week for mother and baby since they luck out with the two nicest, most sensible doctors in the hospital.

Of course, the frail wee baby is so frail and wee that Christa has a completely understandable wobble about her own lost littl’un, but Neal is really lovely about it, and while they’re bonding and sharing, I’m squeeing and shipping and mum and baby are being saved nonetheless, because, like I said: the two nicest, most sensible doctors in the hospital. Awwwww. I love them. And I quite liked this ep.


3 thoughts on “Code Black ep 4

  1. Kay20 November 26, 2015 / 5:35 pm

    I love them too and was bummed when Christa couldn’t go out. Then again who knows if that’s within the rules!

    • CJ Cregg November 26, 2015 / 10:35 pm

      They’ll just have to make an exception if it’s not within the rules, Kay – they’re too lovely NOT to go out together. I hope he isn’t discouraged and asks her again soon. Or she asks him. Whichever. Just date, dammit! Squeeeeeeeee!

      PS – when Christa picked up the toy truck and said “Mom did good today”? *sobs*

      • Kay20 November 27, 2015 / 1:22 am

        Yup – I love her character too. Of course that means they will create drama for her. 🙂

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