Public Service Announcement 57 of 2015: Blindspot

There aren’t really many hits on US network TV these days, but new drama Blindspot comes close: it started in September, by mid-October it had a back-nine order, and by mid-November it had already been renewed for a second season. It has a deliciously high concept: a woman with amnesia is found concealed in a bag in Times Square; she’s naked but covered with tattoos, and one of the tattoos leads to Kurt Weller, an FBI agent. It turns out that each of the tattoos contains a clue to an unsolved crime. I’m a little worried about how much mileage there is in this: won’t they run out of tattoos at some point, or does Jane Doe have a lot of skin?

But that’s a minor issue. Cases of the Week, an overarching conspiracy, high production values (I assume) and a lead couple who might hook up. Dudes: this show could have been written for me and me alone. Sullivan Stapleton (Strike Back) is the Fed and Jaimie Alexander (Thor) is the woman, although shipping possibilities might be restricted if the stories that they don’t get on IRL are true. Can’t see it leading to weekly reviews, but then I thought that about The Blacklist (tonight, Sky Living, 9pm).

The BBC’s new drama Capital starts tonight as well: it’s based on a novel by John Lanchester, a writer I like a lot; adapted by safe-pair-of-TV-hands Peter Bowker; it has an excellent cast, including Toby Jones; and it’s about residents of an upmarket London suburb getting threatening letters. I’m sure it’ll be good. But does it have a naked woman stuffed into a bag and a Fed who wants to tap that? No. No it doesn’t (tonight, BBC 1, 9pm).


One thought on “Public Service Announcement 57 of 2015: Blindspot

  1. Kay20 November 24, 2015 / 7:44 pm

    I’m enjoying Blindspot BUT, I’m not a big fan of the dour male lead. I keep wondering when his personality is going to show up. Plus, “Jane” the lead character alternates between bad ass female and crying/sobbing into male lead’s shirt. All in all, the two leads are slightly grating right now. Supporting cast is decent though (especially the female head of the unit), and I’m digging the overall mythology so will stick with it and hopefully the leads will get comfortable in their roles. And yes, she has a TON of tattoos. So don’t worry about lasting value.

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