Code Black ep 3

Hour 36 of a Code Black and a tired Dr Leanne is still speaking in bumper sticker, but at mercifully less frequent intervals. Her main plot this week involves a woman whose two sons are in a drunk-driving related car crash which means that, in between truisms – “This is grief” – and slapping down the dafter residents, Dr Leanne’s almost analogous Secret Pain gets an airing and she and Nurse Jesse do some more of that odd “Mama/Daddy” insult/banter thing they do which I’m sure seemed endearing on the script page but, on screen, is just weird.

Since Dr Leanne’s working largely with Ambitious but Talented Resident this time around, ABTR has a week off from babysitting Daddy Issues, who needs re-naming now since his Daddy Issues seem to have taken a backseat to his Dithering.

Yes, third week in a row and this bloke’s faffing around puts a patient at risk because he just cannot make a decision, which means, as usual, somebody else has to.

Sort of.

Basically, Cocky Resident, as exasperated as I am with all this standing around fretting – it’s emergency medicine, not interior design, Dithery, TIME is of the essence – berates Dithery into making a speedy but incorrect choice and then stands back silently while Dithery takes the heat for it. For shame!

Worry not, though. The entire Trauma team is alive to the unfairness of this, to the extent that Dr Leanne, Dithery, ABTR and Mature Sensible Resident all let Cocky know they’re on to him and even kindly Dr Neal Handsome Hudson suggests, gently, that everyone would “win more games” if Cocky stopped keeping score.

Or, if we put it in Nurse Jesse-speak: Mama says there’s no Cocky in TEAM.

Despite being an asshat and letting Dithery take the blame, however, Cocky actually does him a favour in the long run since Dithery is banished to triage and spends the rest of his shift saving lives, learning lessons and being asked out by a stripper, till, by the end of the ep, he’s tracked down his missing mojo, is making decisions all over the place and may need another name change.


Never mind all these other people, though, you know I’m only here for Dr Khan Neal, and the good news is he’s still working/flirting with Mature Sensible Resident and they’re both still lovely.

The bad news, however, is they have a self-congratulatory murderer/rapist as a patient, which kinda kills (sorry) the mood.

Anyway, Dr Neal is all “don’t Google what he’s done, it’s an ethical violation,” which, if applied logically to everyone with info in the public domain, seems a tad harsh – if George Clooney’s your patient, for instance, are we saying you can’t check his IMDB? – but also “you really don’t want to know” which seems more pertinent.

Poor MSR, meanwhile, is all “this is fine, I can do this, I love you Dr Neal” (I may have imagined that last bit) till Killer Man starts taking a misty-eyed walk down memory lane, and freaks her the hell out.


Of course, if I (or Mills and Boon) had been writing this, Dr Neal would have taken MSR in his loving arms and let her weep it out on his well-defined chest, but we’re not so, instead, Dr Neal ignores the obvious shipping opportunity and just tells MSR that “sometimes the way to be brave is to pretend to be brave.” Which is reasonable career advice, as it goes, but is hardly going to lead to snogging, is it? Sigh. Maybe next week, eh? It would really help.


2 thoughts on “Code Black ep 3

  1. Kay20 November 19, 2015 / 12:17 am

    They have a moment the very next week CJ. Just you wait.

    • CJ Cregg November 19, 2015 / 12:20 am


      *COMBUSTS with excitement*

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