The Leftovers s2 ep 6

imageAfter last week’s detour into Mattsville, we’re back in prime Leftovers territory this week: with the DSD and a terrifyingly intense scientist with no manners at all in town, everybody has a theory about what caused the Departures and what prevented Jarden having any till – maybe – now. Everybody else’s theories don’t really matter, though, it’s how the two mothers at the heart of this season feel that counts – Erika has convinced herself she’s responsible for her daughter’s disappearance, and Nora is desperate to convince herself she’s not responsible for anybody’s.

“Lens” is an absolutely terrific piece of television, beautiful and powerful, thanks to a combination of inspired writing, directing, music and, most importantly, majestic performances from two of the best, most under-rated actresses on tv. Regina King finally got an Emmy this year (for American Crime), after years of quietly superb work, but The Leftovers’ low ratings and (bizarre) lack of awards traction mean Carrie Coon wasn’t even in the running. And she may not be in the running next year, either, but, as I’ve said before and will probably say again, she is completely incredible. I’d nominate her for every award going.

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