Homeland s5 ep 6

At the end of last week’s episode Carrie, trying to find out why the Russians want her dead, reached out to Saul. She wants him to obtain copies of the leaked CIA documents, because there’s something in them which might provide her with a clue. Saul rebuffs her, though, even blithely dismissing her claim that he’s being watched by the CIA.

But then his certainty starts to fall apart, and much of the rest of the episode is devoted to Saul at bay. He spots his tail and beards Allison, who turns out to be a pretty rubbish spy; within seconds she’s given up the fact that the surveillance was ordered by Dar Adal. So Saul goes after him, in the best scene of the week – perhaps of the season – as the two men, so often allies, turn on each other. (Or do they? The fact that their argument was audible to Allison still leaves me wondering whether they’re playing her.) Anyway, it’s Mandy Patinkin vs F. Murray Abraham, and it’s great. The upshot is that Adal tells Saul that he’s going to be polygraphed – did he not fail one of them in season 1? – regarding his putative links to Israel and the exploding plane, and Saul then finds out that his clearance has been revoked.

By now, of course, Saul has deduced that there might just have been something in what Carrie was saying. So he uses someone else’s login to gain access to the documents she was looking for, then – in another great scene – gatecrashes Düring at his club, asking him to take the documents to Carrie. Before he can hand them over, through, the CIA arrive and search both men, finding nothing. Now, I suppose there might have been someone in the audience who had never seen a TV spy drama before, and who might have thought that there hadn’t been a handoff of the documents. There has, of course, and Düring takes them to the airport, where the plane he’s chartered for Carrie to get the hell out of Berlin is waiting. I’m guessing that she’ll hang around now, even though – entirely understandably – Jonas has had enough; having to nurse the dying Quinn for half a day being the final straw.

But what, meantime, of the dying Quinn? Last week I wondered whether, in a remarkable coincidence, he’d been rescued by some sort of operative who prowls the streets of Berlin looking for spies. Actually, what happens is even sillier than that: his Good Samaritan happens to be a doctor who lives with a group of Syrian terrorists, including Hajik Said, just released from prison because the evidence against him came from the CIA’s illegal surveillance. To start with, the group argues about whether Quinn’s a spy, although I couldn’t for the life of me see why they thought that. I mean, I know he is, but to all intents and purposes he was just some guy lying on the street when he was found.

Then Quinn manages to get to his feet and stumble to the toilet, just in time to hear Hajik and his colleague discuss their forthcoming “plans for our attack here”. Quinn offers them advice – don’t do anything just now, you’re under surveillance – which makes it pretty clear that he knows about their plan and is a pro. At which point it becomes equally baffling that they let him live. Finally he makes to leave, whereupon Hajik attacks him with a knife, and Quinn kills him with some sort of death-blow to the throat. So… either the rest of them are going to kill him now, or he gets to be their new leader…? It’s a shame that Quinn’s been left stranded in this stupid plot arc, because otherwise I thought Parabiosis to be the best episode of the season so far.


2 thoughts on “Homeland s5 ep 6

  1. Tim November 17, 2015 / 12:09 pm

    The Quinn sub-plot is a little silly and ever so convenient, but as you say the rest of this episode was terrific and it’s always great to see an episode that focusses on Mandy Patinkin.

    I did also wonder whether maybe this is a huge double-bluff between Dar and Saul to flush out Allison, but we’ll have to see. I guess it made sense for Allison to spill the beans about Saul’s tail, though, to further drive a wedge between the two of them?

  2. Jed Bartlet November 17, 2015 / 1:52 pm

    It does, though, bring me back to the question I asked last week – if Dar knows that Allison and Saul are hooking up, and as he showed this week he definitely does, would he seriously expect that he could ask Allison to put her boyfriend under surveillance and not tell him about it? Dar’s up to something, I’d say; the next question is whether Saul is also in on it.

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