Homeland s5 ep 5

Carrie reaches out to Astrid for help in identifying the person who shot Quinn, and she is able – with an assist from her boss, a lovely cameo from Rainer Bock – to confirm that the shooter is (or, I suppose, was) a regular freelancer for Russian intelligence. Allison, who confirms that she put Carrie’s name on Quinn’s kill list, is also confirmed as being in the pocket and/or bed of Ivan – who, in case the name isn’t enough of a clue, is also Russian. Together with developments in previous episodes, it very much looks at the moment as if Vladimir Putin has at least succeeded in making it acceptable to recreate the Cold War era in present-day TV drama.

Quinn doesn’t know any of this, mind you; he’s holed up, with his unpleasantly septic bullet wound, in what looks like a shipping container. Poor Jonas – way out of his depth in Carrie’s world – is roped in to provide nursing services for a couple of hours, while Carrie runs some spy errands. Of course, Carrie turns out to have lots to keep her occupied in the outside world, while Quinn’s health continues to decline, and a panicky Jonas eventually agrees with Carrie by phone that Quinn needs proper medical attention. This is something Quinn is desperate to avoid – he seems to think it’ll lead to Carrie being killed, this time for reals – so when he overhears Jonas discussing this he gets out of the shipping container. I would say that he does a runner, but in truth it’s more of a blood-soaked shuffle, although he’s still more than quick enough to get away from Jonas before he knows what’s happening.

And then Quinn plans to kill himself in what looks like an unnecessarily fussy way, by tying himself to a concrete block and throwing himself into a canal. Before he can jump, though, he’s interrupted by a stranger, who unties him. (If, of course, he is a stranger, although it’d be a pretty huge coincidence if there’s a secret services operative prowling the midnight streets of Berlin looking for spies to save from drowning.) Quinn’s too enfeebled to do much about it, though, so he stumbles away, tries and fails to climb into a dumpster, and collapses, followed once again by the “stranger”. Which is where we leave Quinn for now. I’d be surprised if the writers let Quinn go out like that, so I’d guess he’ll be back.

Meantime Allison is trying to drive a wedge between Dar Adal and Saul, and she’s got some good material – the bomb which brought down General Youssef’s plane last week is similar to one used by Israel in the past. Moreover, Saul’s Israeli bud, Etai, was in Geneva the day before the explosion. Adal tells Allison to put Saul under surveillance, which unless I missed something kind of baffled me – doesn’t Adal know that they’re hooking up? Why would he think Allison can be trusted to keep that away from Saul? Unless, of course, Saul and Dar are playing one of their long games. Anyway Saul, by now under surveillance, visits Etai to more or less accuse him of bringing the plane down; Etai more or less denies it, but in terms which are still somewhat equivocal.

But Saul has one more thing to do – escape the surveilllance he seems to know about and meet up with Carrie. So just as last week’s episode brought Quinn back into Carrie’s orbit – a good thing – this one at least serves the purpose of bringing Carrie and Saul back together, as she turns to one of the very few people she can trust, even if he doesn’t like her very much at the moment. That apart, though, ‘Better Call Saul’ felt once again like a lot of setting-up; this week, though, without the explosive ending, which made it a little frustrating.


2 thoughts on “Homeland s5 ep 5

  1. Tim November 8, 2015 / 10:51 pm

    Very much a scene-shuffling episode, although by the end of it we’releft in a position where the reuinted Saul and Carrie really have no one left to watch out for them other than each other. Largely lacking in exctitement and yet far from uneventful.

    It looked like Quinn’s hideout is an abandoned church – you could see stained glass windows in the background.

  2. Jed Bartlet November 9, 2015 / 9:10 am

    Ah yes, you’re right about the church. I forgot about the windows.

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