Public Service Announcement 55 of 2015: London Spy, Master of None, Nurse Jackie

The BBC’s big drama debut of next week is London Spy. It’s got the names: Ben Whishaw stars as Danny, young and hedonistic: he enters into a relationship with Alex (Edward Holcroft), older and more enigmatic, who then goes missing. The title suggests that at least one of them is going to be a spy. In London, perhaps. Mark Gatiss, Jim Broadbent, and Charlotte Rampling are in support. It’s written by novelist Tom Rob Smith, and directed by Jakob Verbruggen, who helmed the first season of The Fall. Might give this a go; apart from anything else, Whishaw is rightly becoming a major star, so I don’t expect to see much more of him in five-part dramas on BBC2 (Monday 9 November, 9pm).

All ten episodes of Netflix comedy Master of None are available as of today: it stars Aziz Ansari as Dev, an actor in New York City. It sounds as if it might be following in the rich tradition of shows-about-nothing with talented comedians at their centre (Seinfeld, Louie, Girls). We know, from Parks & Recreation, that Ansari has the chops; and the critical fanfares would suggest that this is one of the best new shows of the year.

And the seventh and final season of Nurse Jackie started a few days ago, hot on the heels of season 6, but a year or so after I stopped caring (Wednesdays, Sky Atlantic, 10.10pm).


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