Justified s5 ep 6

Whatever it was Raylan told Art last week (the truth, I’m guessing) has put such a strain on their relationship that any fool can see that something is badly wrong between them. Especially since Art’s bruised fist is a suspiciously good match for Raylan’s black eye.

Tim and Rachel are no fools, of course, but, try as they might, neither of them can get a straight answer as to what happened; Rachel does get a little closer to Raylan’s soft underbelly than Tim, though, in a sub-plot where she and our wayward hero head to Harlan to “kick Danny Crowe’s ass,” inadvertently foil an inept kidnapping plot and do a bit of bonding in the process. I love Raylan and Rachel’s friendship; their scenes together and the mostly unspoken (although there’s some very sweet speaking about it this week) camaraderie and affection they have for each other are lovely. Mmmm. Just because the Justified writers don’t ship them at all, doesn’t mean I can’t….

Sigh. Anyway, camaraderie or not, having been bitten once, Raylan ain’t fessing up again, no matter who’s asking. Neither, meanwhile, is the increasingly psychotic Danny Crowe, who makes up some half-baked nonsense to explain away JB’s absence to ratty Daryl Jr., before running Alison off the road and helping Dewey try and start a war with Boyd. Dewey’s stupidity seems to be genetic.

Luckily for them, though, Boyd – in the market for new friends when he’s betrayed by his old ones – isn’t stupid at all, and turns the prospect of mutually assured destruction into a mutually beneficial partnership with Daryl and co, which is a great idea for a number of reasons, the main one being that it has to end with the Crowes’ destruction, no? Be it at Raylan or Boyd’s hands, I don’t mind. Especially since, if this week’s ep is anything to go by, there’s plenty of fun to be had along the way. “Kill the Messenger” was another crisp, sharp, blackly comic piece of tv – now we’re just about halfway through, I’m not sure why this season of Justified hasn’t been quite as critically acclaimed as others. I think it’s fantastic.

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