Justified s5 ep 3

Another superb ep – this season of Justified is 3 for 3 so far.

I’ve mentioned Raylan having a very particular type, and this week it turns out latest squeeze Alison has even more in common with Ava, Lindsey and Winona than I (or Raylan) previously thought.

As Alison herself points out, he does “tend to get involved with women who run afoul of the law” and it seems like “good girl” Alison may not be such a good girl after all. Which obviously just makes her more attractive to our be-hatted hero.

Although an incident at the mansion results in the reliably unflappable Rachel moving in as chaperone/back-up (depending on your point of view) and would have provided an unexpected shipping opportunity if I had my way, there’s no hope of Rachel and Raylan ever getting romantic, is there? She’s far too steady and sensible for Raylan’s incorrigible wildcard to have any interest beyond friendship in her, so there’s none of the cute/corny stuff that usually accompanies this type of “partners move in together for a mission” plot. Nope. Rachel just gets on with the job at hand, providing both back-up and counsel, even if Raylan might not always take it on board – she takes Raylan to task this week over his choices in love and in life, and he knows she’s right, but he doesn’t really care. As Loretta said last week, he’s still going to be Raylan.

Still, the mansion plot is fun, and it means Raylan gets to cross paths both with the ruthless Munro (played by the always terrific Xander Berkeley) and with the glorious Wynn Duffy again. Wynn, for his part, is busy being brilliant all over the place. I know he’s a terrible human being, but he’s a fantastic character; whether calmly conducting an interrogation by air gun, or simply sitting in his trailer being sarcastic, Jere Burns’ delivery of every line and every look is a deadpan delight.

Walton Goggins’ Boyd is also very busy this week, what with conducting investigations, giving Dewey Crowe assertiveness training and getting up close and personal with Mara Paxton. Is she working him like Alison’s working Raylan? Probably. Does Boyd know that? Almost definitely. But, like Raylan, he won’t let that put him off; I look forward to seeing how both those games play out…


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