Doctor Who s35 ep 4

Oh, yes.

The first part of the story didn’t quite work for me last week, but this was much more like it. I’m not entirely sure what this particular incarnation of the Fisher King had to do with this one or this one, but it doesn’t matter a jot. I thought “Before the Flood” was excellent: head-scratchingly clever, hide-behind-a-cushion-scary, with some pointed commentary on the Doctor and Clara’s recklessness with the lives of others caught up in their adventures, and a little romance just to cheer everyone up. Oh yes, indeed. That’ll do me.


One thought on “Doctor Who s35 ep 4

  1. Tim October 11, 2015 / 6:34 am

    It was a good story, tense and atmospheric throughout with simple but effective scares – Lunn making his way through the ghosts was a heart-stopping moment, even though we knew he would be safe.

    This is becoming a series of paradoxes, isn’t it? All very timey-wimey. And Maisie Williams next week! (In a story that is in many ways lighter in tone – and yet not …)

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